Monday, February 1, 2016

raw and bangladesh - zainal abedin (pdf)


A section of people in Bangladesh preaches that menace of India is a baseless and communalistic propaganda. They argue, why should India over-burden herself by swallowing a problematic and poverty-stricken country ? For their kind information I can note that India has already set several examples of swallowing weak and tiny territories. The world is well aware how treacherously India annexed Hyderabad, Manvadhar, Goa, Daman, Diu, Kashmir etc. How can one forget the illegal and conspiratorial annexation of Sikkim, a tiny and rocky mountainous kingdom of the Himalayas. Thus how can one be naive enough to believe that India is not interested in capturing a strategically important country like Bangladesh.

Merging Bangladesh with India is RAW's ultimate goal. It is considered necessary to suppress the ongoing liberation struggles in North-eastern Indian states bordering Bangladesh. Thus constant efforts are being made on multiple' fronts to weaken and cripple Bangladesh to facilitate its swallowing. RAW's policy makers have taken it as their historical responsibility to materialise the dream of Nehru and other leaders for a united India i.e. 'Ram Raj'. It may be mentioned that the Hindu leaders had accepted partition of India in the hope that one day it would be undone.

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