Thursday, February 11, 2016

alternative reality 2 (blog)

alternative reality 2

the rising sun symbol of the 'golden harvest' corporation that arranged the 'art summit' of 2016 in dhaka has a double meaning for those who at least dabbled in the occult (which means hidden) side of life, something bangladeshi people are not initiated in just yet. there's a secret reality to our existence that is very carefully hidden from the masses by our govts and media who are programmed to behave in a 'hush hush' manner in order to keep the public in  their trance state of mind control and deep hypnosis. the mediocre and mundane artistry of the items displayed on the four floors of shilpakala academy were posh enough to roll in some fat cash from the luxuriant corporations and their management cutouts whose drawing rooms would be graced by the expensive collection of these exotic artwork -- the basic reason behind a rothschild multinational to set foot in a peasant nation of 450 million people paying VAT whenever each one of them manages to have a meal regardless of their age. this massive collection of taxes is being managed and siphoned by the research & development wing of indian espionage in cahoots with mossad, cia, mi6, and their foreign counterparts -- in other words -- a colossal human breeding farm for our new world order draco khazarian cabal to make a golden harvest of our energies.


all of my spunky conspiracy denialist friends in corporate slavery attended the art summit -- after all, it's their kind of a thing, elitist, cool, and isolated from the lower class with military looking guards all over the premises. common people simply wouldn't dare to tread, and that's the idea -- how we maintain class separation -- a necessary evil in the braindead ego matrix where people have lost their souls but don't know it yet. personally i have attended hundreds of art exhibits back in new york just as a thing to do on weekends, museums and theater halls, garage sales, and even lame exotic car shows by the roadsides of sommerset, new jersey. but here in the lame town of dhaka the visceral pain of being exploited by a supercorrupt foreign puppet regime selling the skin off our backs piece by piece doesn't show in the western style post modern handiwork of offshore artists -- who made the selections? why? based on what? who is in charge of such a largescale project? nobody knows or even cares to know -- you don't ask relevant questions in this nation. you pay taxes and you shut up before the police or the political goons arrive at your doorstep.

fascism in an oppressed nation is so horrendous that it becomes invisible -- nobody can see it, nobody talks about it, nobody even feels it because inside a prison nobody gives a flying rat's behind whether you are in pain or not, in fact, the idea is to give you as much pain as possible for you have sinned. you must be a sinner to have come into this matrix through the corrupt system of justice -- the universal laws are infallible. if you're here, you're it -- now push that yoke. push harder, asshole.

i have facebook friends who are bigtime artists living in new york or london, or even one that is from australia who married a "lowly" lady in bangladesh and have been living here for what 40 years now, drawing birds. he's internationally recognized, aussies tend to their own, they are not like bangals after all, rotting and dying by the millions with no draco khazarian kissinger shedding a tear for them. our phony leaders miscount their number in mistranslation, adding an extra zero or two just for the dramatization of the propaganda -- blaming indian atrocities on the pakistanis -- this is how the kaoboys of raw roll with their disinformation campaign to ignite the defeatist sentimentalism of clueless neighbors whether they are coming or going.

clearly, the lady isn't "lowly" in malcolm's eyes -- a great man, a true artist of heart, who teaches by living, who preaches by echoing the rivers and leaves on his canvas, tubes of paint are his weapons of freedom. i don't find art in the galleries anymore, i find alienation and loneliness. my vibration takes a nose dive and i get pissy for a week. people don't talk about what they see with an open heart, no such environment of open ganja smoking or just sitting on the grass -- but a fascist fearsome queue that one must maintain and follow exactly the same way as the person before one. the oppressive guards give off an eerie feeling, the soul here is square and squeezed -- it is not allowed to soar and live lofty for a day. no, the art summit is not about the soul at all. it is more like a fancy epitaph for something that has passed on and left the remnants of what it once was, little crumbs of attempts by the leftover humanity, that might have had some potential way back when but has now fallen and died.


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  2. A transparent description nicely presented here. No doubt this writing clearly shows us how we general people are always being fooled by masterminds who never wants our freedom as human being as it should be.