Saturday, August 22, 2015

ancient egypt - the light of the world - gerald massey (pdf)

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book excerpt:
The Book of the Dead or Ritual of the resurrection virtually contains the Gospel of the Egyptians which was assumed to have been lost. This is the Gospel according to Mati or Matiu, the original, as we maintain, of that which Papias attributes to one “Matthew”, and which was a collection of the sayings assigned to the Jesus whom the non-gnostic Christians always assumed to be historical. The Ritual preserves the sayings of the Egyptian Jesus who was Iu the Su, or Sa of Atum-Ra and IusГЈas at On, and who was otherwise known as the Lord in different Egyptian religions. This was the sayer to whom thesayings are attributed in the “Festal Dirge” (Records, vol. IV, p. 115), and also in the Ritual and other Hermetic Scriptures. And now we have a form of the genuine Gospel of the Egyptians in the Ritual itself. This is the original Evangelium Veritas: The Gospel according to Mati=Matthew; to Aan=John; or Tum=Thomas. From this we learn, by means of the comparative process, that the literalizers of the legend and the carnalizers of the Egypto-gnostic Christ have but gathered up the empty husks of Pagantradition, minus the kernel of the Gnosis; so that when we have taken away all which pertains to Horus, the Egypto-gnostic Jesus, all that remains to base a Judean history upon is nothing more than an accretion of blindly ignorant belief; and that of all the Gospels and collections of “Sayings” derived from the Ritual of the resurrection in the name of Mati or Matthew, Aan or John, Thomas or Tum, Hermes, Iu-em-hetep or Jesus, those that were canonized at last as Christian are the most exoteric, and therefore the farthest away from the underlying, hidden, buried, but imperishable truth.

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