Sunday, June 8, 2014

the custodians - dolores cannon (pdf)

Amazingly, the diversion in my technique worked very effectively and we obtained a great deal of information.  Those present did not know this was my first time to attempt this type of case, because the session proceeded so smoothly.  For me it was a landmark case that opened the door to UFO investigation. It was my first introduction to little gray beings who removed people from their homes at night, tests performed onboard spacecraft, star maps, and encounters tracing back to childhood. It was also my first exposure to the fear and trauma felt by the subject.   These feelings were so prevalent that the emotion blocked the obtaining of information. The young woman could only report what she saw and heard.  She could not find answers to the many questions I asked.   All of this only aroused my interest and curiosity. I knew I could develop a method to bypass the emotional state, and allow the subconscious to supply the answers.  This method had worked in other cases, because the subconscious contains all the information. I saw no reason why it couldn't also work here, once I devised a method.

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