Tuesday, June 10, 2014

return of the dove - margaret storm (pdf)

NOW IT is early November, 1957, here on the planet Earth. It is a glad November, a special kind of November decked with a sparkle and a twinkle and with long tall nights stretching upward to the stars. There are two new pin-pricks of light up there which we call sputniks. Later they will be joined by other little moons and little satellites, all rollicking and frolicking together, round and round the globe, like the gay wooden horses on a merry-go-round. Yes, indeed, it is a glad November!
Then there are those lovely saucers flying about everywhere, their brilliant colors flashing like a peacock's tail. Many of them come to us over great cosmic lightways, winging their way even without wings, traveling about God's great playground, propelled by the sustaining breath of His love for His children... even the foolish ones who now need be foolish no longer. For that is what makes it a glad November here on the planet Earth. We need be foolish no longer!

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