Thursday, March 13, 2014

rattlesnake fire - jean eisenhower (pdf)

On awakening the next morning, I wondered why I’d  thought it familiar or comforting, and concluded, with no small amount of dread, it was probably government psy ops. “Psychological operations” was a major part of COINTELPRO, code for Counter Intelligence Operations, an FBI project, begun in the 1910s to crush the early labor movement with spies, lies, disruption, disinformation and even contract murders. It had been called to the attention of Congress in the 1970s and, for being contrary to our public right to protest, was supposed to have been shut down, but most historians of activism believe it was only moved to the underground. Psychological games, most activists felt, continued to play a role in driving away supporters, and I assumed I’d been a target of some new high-tech wizardry.

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