Wednesday, March 26, 2014

exo-vaticana - chris putnam & tom horn (pdf)

Are these races only semi-human, so that in order to maintain contact with us, they need crossbreeding with men and women of our planet? Is this the origin of the many tales and legends where genetics plays a great role: the symbolism of the Virgin in occultism and religion, the fairy tales involving human midwives and changelings, the sexual  overtones of the flying saucer reports, the biblical stories  of intermarriage between the Lord’s angels, and terrestrial women, whose offspring were giants?[ii]

Another highly respected and often-quoted UFO researcher, John Keel, echoed the same when he stated in Operation Trojan Horse:

Demonology is not just another crackpot-ology. It is the ancient and scholarly study of the monsters and demons who have seemingly  coexisted  with man throughout history.… The manifestations and occurrences described in this imposing literature are similar, if not entirely identical, to the UFO phenomenon itself. Victims of demonomania [possession] suffer the very same medical and emotional symptoms as the UFO contactees.…  The Devil  and his  demons can, according  to the literature, manifest  themselves in almost any form  and can physically  imitate  anything  from angels to  horrifying  monsters  with  glowing  eyes. Strange  objects  and  entities materialize and dematerialize in these stories, just as the UFOs and their splendid occupants appear and disappear, walk through walls, and perform other supernatural feats.[iii]

Saturday, March 22, 2014

transylvanian sunrise - radu cinamar (pdf)

When American diplomat was informed that Romania will send a press release World of crucial importance for humanity, everything was chaos. Nobody knew, but everyone suspected that something is very serious and important. The President was called for a direct phone conversation with the White House. Within hours they had been blocked all transactions and agreements with international financial organizations of the Romanian state. It is expected momentarily order declaring a state of emergency in the mountains and the capital.

Talks between U.S. officials rushed to Bucharest and had arrived on the Romanian side were made without a translator. They were so violent that few have not been moments of crisis that diplomats were shouting at each other as much, proferand multiple threats of retaliation. Other countries in the world did not know anything of this problem, and the Americans know well that there are always some very powerful countries would be united with Romania to support immediate public statement.

The statement had contained the main data discovery Bucegi Mountains, providing evidence to the world, photos and other elements essential for clarification. It would have been invited leading scientists to study and research. But most importantly it would have been revelations about the very distant past of humanity and real history that was almost entirely counterfeit.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

rattlesnake fire - jean eisenhower (pdf)

On awakening the next morning, I wondered why I’d  thought it familiar or comforting, and concluded, with no small amount of dread, it was probably government psy ops. “Psychological operations” was a major part of COINTELPRO, code for Counter Intelligence Operations, an FBI project, begun in the 1910s to crush the early labor movement with spies, lies, disruption, disinformation and even contract murders. It had been called to the attention of Congress in the 1970s and, for being contrary to our public right to protest, was supposed to have been shut down, but most historians of activism believe it was only moved to the underground. Psychological games, most activists felt, continued to play a role in driving away supporters, and I assumed I’d been a target of some new high-tech wizardry.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

18 puranas (pdf)

At present, there is no single place where Dharmins (‘Hindus’) can go to download and read ALL their scriptures IN THEIR ENTIRETY. Numerous sites exist that provide portions of scriptures and/or commentary on scriptures, but no single website has thus far undertaken the immense task of posting all scriptures of Sanatana Dharma (“Hinduism”).

Unlike the Bible and Quran of Christianity and Islam respectively, the Dharma Veda will NOT be a closed canon - frozen in time based upon mindless dogmas. It will be updated on a regular basis with the input of the Dharmasya (global Dharmic community). The essence of Dharma is Truth and Universal Law – it is NOT dogma or blind belief (as is the case with Matas such as Christianity and Islam). The term 'mata' means a belief, view or opinion and HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DHARMA. Therefore, it is important to explain to non-Dharmins that Sanatana Dharma is based on the Truth and is therefore a much higher concept than a ‘religion’. For the purposes of conversation, we can refer to Dharma as a religion, but it is then necessary for the Dharmin to educate the non-Dharmin as to the higher meaning and greater Truth of Dharma.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

the music of time - preston nichols (pdf)

Throughout the last decade, Preston  Nichols has developed a considerable reputation for his alleged involvement in time travel and secret government projects. However, it is not very well known at all that he was just as deeply involved in the music scene of the 1960's as rock 'n roll came to center stage in world pop culture.