Sunday, February 9, 2014

heart - (1932) - agni yogis (pdf)

222. We constantly insist upon the conquest of every aspect of fear. This demand is not an abstract one, but is connected with one's immediate ascent. Fear, like many negative qualities, creates a negative magnet as soon as it increases. This magnet during successive existences will impel the personality along the implanted object of its fear. If a man fears anything he will inevitably be compelled to cross precisely the path of this horror, until he exhausts his fear. Therefore it is useful that a man, having realized the invulnerability of his spiritual essence, should liberate himself from all fears, for all threats are insignificant. Even the encounter with powerful dark entities is not dangerous if the firm link with the Hierarchy is safeguarded. Other negative qualities can also be neutralized by being conscious that it is unworthy to recur to them, since one must experience their rebounding blow.

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