Wednesday, January 22, 2014

witness to roswell - carey & schmitt (pdf)

To cut to the chase, the Roswell case offers the best chance  that  we have at making the case for extraterrestrial visitation by recovering an incontrovertible  alien artifact. What we apparently have here is an inter- planetary craft of unknown  origin having been blown into a million little pieces over a sheep pasture in Corona (central New Mexico) during an intense  thunder  and lightning  storm.  Before the military arrived, count- less local ranchers and their children visited the site. At a companion  site approximately  15 to 20 miles away, closer to Roswell, the remainder  of the craft and its unlucky  crew met their  ultimate  fate.

This site was also discovered and visited by a number of civilians before the military arrived to secure it. During the clean-up of the crash sites and the subsequent recov- ery operations  that included  the boxing-up  of the wreckage for shipment, scores of military personnel  had access to crash artifacts. Human  nature being what it is, it is entirely conceivable—no, likely—that artifacts were taken by civilians and surreptitiously lifted by various military personnel as souvenirs. This was in fact the case, according to many of the firsthand accounts  we have on record.

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