Thursday, January 23, 2014

darkness over tibet - theodore illion (pdf)

This book supplements In Secret Tibet by showing a  different  side  of the  picture,  a few  Demons  of Ligh t and many Demons of the Shadow.   It wil l help the reader to realize that spirituality actually is a very stormy ocean.   The currents of life are interwoven, and Goo d and Evil , Ligh t and Shadow, are withi n a hairbreadth from each other.

The existence of an Underground City in Tibet is occasionally hinted at by well-informed people in the  forbidden  country,  although  the  stories  are often extravagant and turn the Underground City, which  I  succeeded  in  entering,  into  a "Mighty Underground Empire inhabited by millions of people".

Tibet becomes somewhat more accessible as the years roll by, and I am confident that eventually other explorers wil l confirm my description of the Underground City of Tibet.

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