Thursday, December 26, 2013

voyagers vol1 - sleeping abductees - ashayana deane (pdf)

Through her progressive experiences with the Priests of Ur, and personal validation through conscious reincarnational memory since infancy, Ashayana understood that what our society calls “ETs” are not the “sci-fi aliens” our contemporary culture depicts them to be. Contemporary “visitors” responsible for the phenomena of the New Age and UFO Movements are the ancient races of interdimensional, intertime Angelic and Fallen Angelic legions that have been reported throughout human history as the angels, gods, devils and demons within every ancient spiritual tradition. Eventually science will reveal that such characters of ancient human mythology are in fact part of a greater lifefield of biological beings, whose physicality is characteristic to the levels of matter density and dimensional reality fields from which they emerge. Receiving little religious training as a child, Ashayana’s validation of the existence of Angelics and Fallen Angelics came from direct, early experience with contact and from extensive memory of humanity’s dealings with the same visitor races throughout many different time periods of human evolution. The Angelic Human races of the Eieyani Priests of Ur, who are capable of sustaining full physical manifestation on Earth or altering their biological orientation at will to engage interdimensional time travel or dimensional ascension, assisted Ashayana in her Fetal Integration process and later in her NDE. Though the Eieyani Priests are capable of, and often utilize, remote subtle interdimensional contact, the majority of Ashayana’s childhood experiences with them, and numerous contacts in adulthood, were fully physical in nature, involving her physical transport to their learning facilities rather than simply “astral body travel.”


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