Sunday, December 22, 2013

saucers of the illuminati - jim keith (pdf)

Actually, my sense is that the ideas in Saucers tend to jump
disciplines from political conspiracy, to UFOs, to the occult, in an
attempt to synthesize the information in each. The researchers in
those varied disciplines almost never have any truck with and so are
confounded by their adjoining truckstops in arcane research. The
Left Hand Path doesn't know what the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
is doing, you might say. But these topics are, at the deepest levels,
intertwined and clarify the notions of the others.

Another matter: the ideas in Saucers of the Illuminati are
dangerous, not to mention extremely weird, and stray very close to
Things You Are Not Supposed to Think. In fact, in current polite--
read mind controlled--society you are not even supposed to think
that there are things that you are not supposed to think... Do you

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