Friday, December 27, 2013

practical witchery - john stormm (epub)

Instead of the beauty of a healthy body and a generous soul, women are subjected to tortures of unnatural footwear that destroy their feet over the span of years. Constricting corsets, brassieres, waxings, paintings, meaningless social niceties. And the men are taught from youth that to be strong they must measure their strength in what they can destroy or what they can buy. Everything in this evil paradigm that has any value, has a warlock value in dollars and cents or it is considered worthless. If you don’t believe it, the next time someone asks you in a social setting what you do for a living: tell them you flip hamburgers at McDonald’s, or Walmart, or mop floors and watch how fast they gather around someone else. Even the so called justice system hinges on those same talismans for power. Every crime or infraction has a listed dollar value. And as poor as they treat people of color, even a black man can quite literally get away with murder if he has the money to pay. If not… he’s a dead man! No question. The system is designed so that ONLY the elite can become wealthy and succeed in this material plane. But even so, they are losing out on their power too, and can ONLY maintain it as such as long as you believe those talismans will give you power and keep your focus on the lowest plane of existence: the material plane.
 Practical Witchery!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

voyagers vol1 - sleeping abductees - ashayana deane (pdf)

Through her progressive experiences with the Priests of Ur, and personal validation through conscious reincarnational memory since infancy, Ashayana understood that what our society calls “ETs” are not the “sci-fi aliens” our contemporary culture depicts them to be. Contemporary “visitors” responsible for the phenomena of the New Age and UFO Movements are the ancient races of interdimensional, intertime Angelic and Fallen Angelic legions that have been reported throughout human history as the angels, gods, devils and demons within every ancient spiritual tradition. Eventually science will reveal that such characters of ancient human mythology are in fact part of a greater lifefield of biological beings, whose physicality is characteristic to the levels of matter density and dimensional reality fields from which they emerge. Receiving little religious training as a child, Ashayana’s validation of the existence of Angelics and Fallen Angelics came from direct, early experience with contact and from extensive memory of humanity’s dealings with the same visitor races throughout many different time periods of human evolution. The Angelic Human races of the Eieyani Priests of Ur, who are capable of sustaining full physical manifestation on Earth or altering their biological orientation at will to engage interdimensional time travel or dimensional ascension, assisted Ashayana in her Fetal Integration process and later in her NDE. Though the Eieyani Priests are capable of, and often utilize, remote subtle interdimensional contact, the majority of Ashayana’s childhood experiences with them, and numerous contacts in adulthood, were fully physical in nature, involving her physical transport to their learning facilities rather than simply “astral body travel.”

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

journey of souls - michael newton (pdf)

When Dr. Michael Newton, a certified Master Hypnotherapist, began
regressing his clients back in time to access their memories of former lives, he
stumbled onto a discovery of enormous proportions: that it is possible to "see"
into the spirit world through the mind's eye of subjects who are in a hypnotized
or superconscious state; and that clients in this altered state were able to tell
him what their soul was doing between lives on Earth.

What you are about to read in this book will shake your preconceptions
about death. Over many years, the author has taken hundreds of people into the
spirit world. The 29 cases recounted here encompass the reports of the very
religious, the spiritually noncommitted, and those in-between-all of whom
displayed a remarkable consistency in the way they answered questions about
the spirit world.

Dr. Newton learned that the healing process of finding one's place in the
spirit world was far more meaningful for his clients than describing their
former lives on Earth. Journey of Souls represents ten years of his research
and insights to help you understand the purpose behind your life choices, and
how and why your soul-and the souls of those you love-lives eternally.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

operation mind control - walter bowart (pdf)

As demonstrated inescapably by Walter Bowart in this book, our Father who art in the American secret police has endowed hundreds of scientists at American universities to unravel methods for fracturing American minds. That this research in so many great halls of learning has exceeded a cost of untold secret millions of dollars (the only yardstick remaining by which we are willing to measure anything) indicates that this Grockian entertainment being produced by our secret police is a matter of ambitious policy rather than the happenstance of cloak-and-dagger adventure.

In this book Walter Bowart has proven each step of this official, terminal, government anarchy, even though that appears to be a contradiction in terms. To alter and control human minds is the ultimate anarchy. What is offered by official apologists as a tribute to the needs of derring-do by romantic spies are acts of hatred and sadism against all people in an insane and degraded determination to extirpate conscience from society.

saucers of the illuminati - jim keith (pdf)

Actually, my sense is that the ideas in Saucers tend to jump
disciplines from political conspiracy, to UFOs, to the occult, in an
attempt to synthesize the information in each. The researchers in
those varied disciplines almost never have any truck with and so are
confounded by their adjoining truckstops in arcane research. The
Left Hand Path doesn't know what the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
is doing, you might say. But these topics are, at the deepest levels,
intertwined and clarify the notions of the others.

Another matter: the ideas in Saucers of the Illuminati are
dangerous, not to mention extremely weird, and stray very close to
Things You Are Not Supposed to Think. In fact, in current polite--
read mind controlled--society you are not even supposed to think
that there are things that you are not supposed to think... Do you

mind control world control - jim keith (pdf)

Behind the scenes in the world, in the industrial boardrooms,
ornate drawing rooms, and in the offices of government other
activities, not quite so idyllic, were afoot. For this was a time of
massive, covert consolidation of power by the monied elite, and
the activation of long-term plans of control that would affect the
world until the present day.

This was the time of the creation of the Federal Reserve, the
FBI, the institution of the federal income tax in the United
States, and, with the League of Nations, the first stirrings
towards a global government. Powerful men were obsessed by
the idea of increasing their power and in advancing the
technology of control to enable them to do so, and they were
burning the midnight oil to turn those dreams into reality.