Saturday, October 19, 2013

the dark alliance - gary webb (pdf)

Though the combination of fringe religions and the
Contras may seem strange, partly declassified CIA records
show that the agency had evidence as far back as 1982
that there were unwholesome connections between
Meneses's drug ring, the FDN, and an unnamed religious
organization in the United States. According to a 1998 CIA
Inspector General's report, the CIA's Domestic Collection
Division picked up word in October 1982 that "there are
indications of links between (a U.S. religious organization)
and two Nicaraguan counter-revolutionary groups." The
heavily censored CIA cable said, "These links involve an
exchange in [the United States] of narcotics for arms."

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

communion - whitley strieber (pdf)

This book is about forming a new relationship
with the unknown.
Instead of shunning the darkness,
we can face straight into it with an open mind
When we do that, the unknown changes.
Fearful things become understandable
and a truth is suggested;
the enigmatic presence of the human mind
winks back from the dark.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

carlos castaneda's books (pdf)

the teachings of don juan                     journey to ixtlan

  eagle's gift                        a separate reality
the second ring of power                    the power of silence
 the art of dreaming              the active side of infinity

the fire from within                      tales of power  

magical passes                      the wheel of time