Saturday, August 3, 2013

the secret history of the jesuits - edmond paris (pdf)

Dr.  Rivera's Introduction

The    most  dangerous  of   men  are   those  who  appear  very  religious, especially when they are  organized and  in a position of authority. They have the  deep respect of  the  people who are  ignorant of  their ungodly push for power behind the  scenes.
These religious men, who pretend to  love God, will  resort to  murder, incite revolution  and   wars  if  necessary  to   help  their  cause.  They  are   crafty, intelligent, smooth religious politicians who live   in  a  shadowy world of secrets, intrigue, and   phony holiness. This pattern, seen in  "The Secret History of  the   Jesuits," spiritually speaking can   be  seen in  the   Scribes, Pharisees and  Sadducees at  the  time of  Jesus Christ.  This same evil  spirit directed  the   Roman  emperors  to   issue  the   ten   murderous  decrees  to persecute the  early Christian church.

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