Monday, August 12, 2013

secrets of antigravity propulsion - paul laviolette (pdf)

Like the classified physics of the  black-project world, subquantum kinetics begins  with an  ether  as its  point  of departure. It conceives quantum structures, such  as subatomic particles and energy waves, to be concentration patterns that emerge in a primordial reaction-diffusion ether, one  whose constituents  both  diffuse  through space  and  react among one another according to a specified set of nonequilibrium reac­tion  processes. This subtle medium is postulated to extend  throughout space and to be composed  of subquantum units, called  etherons, that come  in various types. In a similar manner, conventional physics pos­tulates subquantum structures called quarks that come in various sorts distinguished  by their "colors"  and "flavors." However, subquantum kinetics, in its current Model G formulation,  uses far fewer  types of etherons as compared with  the number of quarks  that physics postu­lates.

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