Tuesday, April 2, 2013

where religions come from

there was a king and his servant. one day the king bumps his head and has temporary amnesia. so the servant takes advantage of this immediately and pretends to be the king, turning the king into his servant. after some time, the king's memories tend to return, but seeing this, the servant devises a clever plan. he tells the king that now he has a religion: that he must utter 5 times a day that he is the obedient servant of his great king, if he wants to keep his job as a servant. if not, he will suffer great misery without a job and die a pathetic death and then go to hell to suffer for eternity.

sounds familiar? there's no such thing as heaven or hell. you have been fooled. try and remember who you truly are. throw away your religion. that's the only way to remember who you truly are.

of course you have every right to ignore my words, because after all you live in constant mercy of your "god". you live in constant fear of survival; fear of going hungry, losing your job, not being able to pay your bills, not having enough money, etc. you must pray 5 times a day so you can remain a faithful servant of your "god".

so who's the king and who's the servant? you decide.

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