Monday, April 1, 2013

the book of zohar (pdf)

There is no connection between Kabbalistic comprehension and meditation or any other “mystical” notions. Everything that is studied by esoteric specialists, mystics, and pseudo-kabbalists, belongs to the human psyche, and is in no way connected with spirituality, attainment of the Creator or Kabbalah. 

Most of these people do not have the slightest idea of what a screen is, and without the screen, spirituality cannot be grasped. Pseudo-Kab- balists who have heard about the screen, believe they  already have it, imagining they are already in the world of Infinity. Kabbalah is a secret science; it cannot be “narrated” to anyone. Only the one who feels is able to understand. 

Therefore, all methods, teachings, and religions belong to the com- prehension of the latent qualities of the human psyche, to the product of human brain activity. These people can do a lot. They can cure, foretell the future, and relate the past -  everything that refers to the body. Man has potential powers to do whatever he wants with the physical body.

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