Sunday, April 14, 2013

cognitive dissonance

i have a small number of readers on my blog, and so i appreciate those who come and read it. it's not really all that hard to make a blog popular with borrowed material, but that's not quite my thing. i am more of a loner writer than a reporter, but having said that, there has been such a paradigm busting explosion of secret truths being exposed, thanks to the brave whistleblowers, that my focus had inevitably, and nearly inadvertently bent towards raising the public consciousness against the false reality that we have taken for granted all our lives. but it turns out, like nirvana, it is difficult to explain to others the process of "ascension of consciousness" so they too can attain the same which is necessary for busting out of the cage we have been put in ever since our birth. 

so anyway, my goal today is to address the problem of cognitive dissonance that prevents people from awakening from their "intelligent state" or the "level of intelligence". if we think of vocabulary, it doesn't increase much unless something is actively and deliberately done to improve it. same with consciousness. it does increase ever so slightly with the various experiences of life, but it's hardly anything drastic, or dramatic by default.

the problem at hand is simple to understand: if you tell a muslim that their religion is not real and it's a form of manipulation and deception, s/he will essentially feel offended and immediately retaliate in some manner. this is a kind of "stickiness" of human behavior. when i put a melody to a song that i compose, the initial melody always sticks and no matter what other melody i try to switch to, i just can't do it. i keep going back to the initial melody even though i might not like it very much. something very similar happens with our belief system that we get stuck inside what we have "believed" to be true from childhood on. we create our "home reality" with this belief system and as we get hurt, or grow up, we reinforce this belief system with stronger, similar ideas, and often times in order to protect ourselves from various attacks and pains, we essentially put bars all around our consciousness, locking ourselves in. 

so the exact same situation happens when i tell my most intelligent friend that earth is a prison planet controlled by off-world species, or that we are spirit beings using our physical bodies as temporary vessels, or that there should be no govt, money, religion, or hospitals as these are deceptions. it offends people before they can verify they are being told the truth, the same as the muslim earlier. 

to keep a mental balance, and a healthy open mind is far more difficult than most people realize. is it any surprise that a chicken born inside of a cage might never be interested to see the blue sky or the sunrise? but evidently, two things can happen under such circumstances: one is, a chicken might believe that there are such things as a sunrise, or a blue sky, somehow manage to escape the cage or at least be able to peek outside and develop a deep desire to be free. but the other scenario that also happens is that the chicken just might not bother to look. she gets annoyed at such words and ideas of a blue sky, a sunrise, and freedom. she might never actually turn her head around to see for herself that such things truly exist.

after having a peek at the blue sky, i thought EVERYBODY would be just as exhilarated as i with the idea of freedom and sunshine after i show them what i have seen. but i was gravely mistaken. they couldn't see what i saw. they didn't bother to turn their necks. instead they took to putting me down as though i had some sort of an obsessive compulsive disorder.

phased, i backed off, thinking maybe they were right. so i checked and cross checked if there really was a blue sky or not, and every time there were more and more confirmation that it did indeed exist. there were more and more people telling me that they too saw the blue sky and a beautiful sunrise. they too desired nothing else anymore but to be free. yet our numbers remained relatively small. all others refused to turn their heads.

so you see, i am not trying to explain here what cognitive dissonance is, that's not so hard to understand. but how to overcome one's own cognitive dissonance is the key issue, because failure to do so keeps us locked down to an undesirable, unacceptable reality.

now there's something of importance to be understood here that the idea is not to determine who is right or wrong. the muslim isn't exactly incorrect in choosing her reality, she has the freewill choice to do so, and her belief will certainly manifest her reality according to the choices she is making. however, the real issue is COMPASSION or the lack of it; the compassion for other people. let's explain this:

a muslim in bangladesh gives alms to a beggar out of compassion and pity. however, this action actually assists in perpetuating the miserable state of the beggar which the muslim is unable to change. this apathy makes the religion of islam a dysfunctional system incapable of improving the overall state of the people. we can say this with certainty based on statistical data, since islam has been around for a long time. we have observed what it is capable of. it has been tried thoroughly. it failed miserably, in my opinion. it failed due to the lack of compassion. 

the same exact thing can be said about every single existing system we have, such as the financial system, economic, political, business, education, sports, you name it; there's no compassion. and everyone of these systems are failing miserably, nobody should have much problem with this statement, i can say with confidence. 

so what have we so far? have i accomplished my goal? will my highly intelligent friend, after reading the above paragraphs, become compassionate enough to understand that i have been right all along in everything i have been telling him and that he has been utterly and painstakingly blind and egotistical, and that he would profusely apologize for his relentless blunderings towards me?

there is such a thing called the blue sky, a sunrise, and freedom. being a muslim is alright too, but much better options are available as well. same with the old school thought forms that we have taken as "normal stuff", they do the job too, but far far better methods are available to us that will improve EVERYONE'S lives a hundred fold at least. all i ask is you have the compassion to turn your neck and see if there's such a thing called the blue sky. it's not asking for too much.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

how to make contact - steven greer

Dr. Steven Greer, CTS Tutorial (audio) How to Make Contact 

Published on Dec 9, 2012

below is a video that i liked.

How to contact ETs, Meditation. part 1.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

where religions come from

there was a king and his servant. one day the king bumps his head and has temporary amnesia. so the servant takes advantage of this immediately and pretends to be the king, turning the king into his servant. after some time, the king's memories tend to return, but seeing this, the servant devises a clever plan. he tells the king that now he has a religion: that he must utter 5 times a day that he is the obedient servant of his great king, if he wants to keep his job as a servant. if not, he will suffer great misery without a job and die a pathetic death and then go to hell to suffer for eternity.

sounds familiar? there's no such thing as heaven or hell. you have been fooled. try and remember who you truly are. throw away your religion. that's the only way to remember who you truly are.

of course you have every right to ignore my words, because after all you live in constant mercy of your "god". you live in constant fear of survival; fear of going hungry, losing your job, not being able to pay your bills, not having enough money, etc. you must pray 5 times a day so you can remain a faithful servant of your "god".

so who's the king and who's the servant? you decide.

Monday, April 1, 2013

enlightenment (pdf)

the book of zohar (pdf)

There is no connection between Kabbalistic comprehension and meditation or any other “mystical” notions. Everything that is studied by esoteric specialists, mystics, and pseudo-kabbalists, belongs to the human psyche, and is in no way connected with spirituality, attainment of the Creator or Kabbalah. 

Most of these people do not have the slightest idea of what a screen is, and without the screen, spirituality cannot be grasped. Pseudo-Kab- balists who have heard about the screen, believe they  already have it, imagining they are already in the world of Infinity. Kabbalah is a secret science; it cannot be “narrated” to anyone. Only the one who feels is able to understand. 

Therefore, all methods, teachings, and religions belong to the com- prehension of the latent qualities of the human psyche, to the product of human brain activity. These people can do a lot. They can cure, foretell the future, and relate the past -  everything that refers to the body. Man has potential powers to do whatever he wants with the physical body.