Friday, January 4, 2013

pull your head out of the toilet

my good friend niels kunze has published the january issue of his newsletter ( and there was something about skyfall, daniel craig, and his 'mother'--that symbolism of the queen of england protecting the earth. hilarious, some would say, but then the wealthy ones among us, you and your peers, you know you don't suffer much compunction as you gather wealth while the earth weeps in poverty of your mind, poverty of your sanity, poverty of your heart. you are the illuminati miniature. you are the dark one. we forgive you, once again.

and the people i took to be my friends, those peers, the classmates and acquaintances, the average people living average lives in perfect ignorance of their slave state, they know me not. they respect me not. they hear me not. as utterly disappointed as i am in their lack of love and care, i am grateful for the knowledge of loneliness of my being. that i am utterly alone in this cold dark universe ... until someone appears in silence. one or two friends appear out of nowhere. they feel how you feel. they suffer what you suffer. they stand by. they make a difference.

and i find out how it feels to be ahead of the crowd. to know what the world doesn't know yet. and the world doesn't want to know. how does it feel when your enemy is your enemy and your friends are also your enemy. that fabulous spot of a james bond, utterly in danger and without assistance, emerging triumphant and stronger than ever before. that is i. loving myself and without a shred of ego. i protect mother earth. i protect myself. i am strong. i am victorious.

still victory is yet to be on sight. much battle ensues in the invisible front, we are told by the righteous. we are told by the beings in the sky, cloaked from the weapons of the dark, they inch their way forward in love and in benevolence. like gardeners they water our souls with love. they watch us grow as we scan the skies in impatient hearts, reaching for the heavens. how much longer? we cry. where is salvation? how many more minutes must we lament in this monumental mountain of madness we took for our lives?

there was something of a new found vulnerability in bond, and his mother, the queen of england, when she dies at the end of the movie. a new era ensues. the new age of truth, the age of aquarius, that we have entered. journeyed across the galactic axis once again and crossed over to the cosmic day which lasts for thousands of years. it's the new dawn that jordan maxwell has spoken of. the worst dreaded nightmare of the illuminati is now upon them.

but all of what we have been saying for years has now gone old. the charismatic 2012 has now passed and something very new is in order. the pathetic sleep disorder of the general population needs to end now. people doing the same old same old need to grow up and sign up with with the new age of galactic awareness. they need to stop spending their days cooped up in some cubicle doing some drudgery in between facebook and pornography. beer and fucking on the weekends? how slave can you get?

there's an inertia of madness that continues in its zombie state even after much of the archontic trash has been cleaned in the etheric planes. how infuriating that the word 'etheric' is not even in the dictionary. imagine the level of moronization that has been done to us. i hardly see people around any more but ignorant fools who complain i disparage them as i get insanely disgusted by their infinite ignorance and arrogance.

clearly i am at my wit's end with your finding faults with me. quit it. you're just jealous.

and so it is, the beginning of this brand new year when everyone will finally pull their heads out of the toilets. they will sit up and see the world without being upside down for the first time. everything that is good about them will no longer be flushed down the drain. people will finally discover who they really are, where they come from, and what in the world are they doing here on planet earth at this particular moment of now.

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