Sunday, December 23, 2012

who we really are

everybody here has been through, or going through, hell in life. this was a choice we all had made a long time ago, to experience duality, which we had forgotten after being reincarnated as a human being on earth. almost everyone forgot where they came from and why because this is how duality is designed. it cannot be done in any other way. we all came here to learn and learn is what we did, profusely and profoundly, lifetime after lifetime, for eons. and now, finally, it is time to wake up and remember our true self, to return back to "reality" from this "illusion" that we call life.

those of us who like to think of ourselves as lightworkers or light warriors, our task is to usher everyone back to true reality, back to total consciousness, back to the soul family, back to the source by helping them remember. most of us are having a hard time remembering all this, and so we are receiving all the channeled messages to help us remember. also, this is the reason why the cabal is constantly drumming into everyone's ears, "channeling is bad!", "galactic federation is bad!", "don't listen to them!", "they will trap you and do horrible things to you!", "they are only pretending to be your friends!", "be afraid!", "be very afraid!".

the last thing the cabal wants is for us to remember who we truly are. because once we do remember, the little profiteering businesses they run by keeping us in the dark, will disappear practically overnight. do you understand?

every single religion was started by a true prophet. there's no question about that. their teachings were pure. when the founding fathers of the usa created the constitution, they were focused on the freedom of humanity. socrates, plato, pythagoras, leonardo da vinci, et al who founded the roots of modern education, they were phenomenally creative. hospitals were meant for healing. science was applied towards human advancement. art and culture meant true creative originality of the human heart and mind. banks were setup to ensure progress and prosperity.

but somewhere along the way something went wrong. we took a wrong turn and we just kept on going in that direction for year after year, decade after decade, until we ended up in what we call this new millennium, this new era called the golden age. and this particular time has a particular purpose. there's something we need to do now. something we must do together. something we must remember to do.

and that something, again, is remembering where we came from, remembering what we are here for, and remembering who we truly are. we are not our human body, we are not our mind, and we are not who we thought we were: weak human victims with no power over our destiny. this is simply not true. the truth has been hidden from us for a very long time.

the fact of the matter is, when we decided to incarnate into this third density duality, we were higher density beings with access to many higher dimensions that exist beyond this third dimension we are in now. we are still there, right now, because only a part of our soul energy is here in this dimension. a much larger part of ourselves is left in the higher dimensions, constantly guiding us from there, trying to communicate with us only if we would listen. the channeled messages are actually coming from there; we are communicating with ourselves! our guides and helpers are we ourselves! how wonderful once you understand the full picture!

and how come i am able to write this so clearly now that i couldn't before? it is because there has been a victory of the light on december 21, 2012, instead of the annihilation of humankind. this is the reason for all the fuss we were making, you see? we have now moved into a higher dimension that is automatically helping us remember who we are. we are finally remembering our true selves. we are already on our way back to the most magnificent source where we come from, back to our multidimensional self.

it is time to rejoice!

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  1. Nice one Neel :) Hope the Golden era will make it easier to remember who actually we are and where have we come from :)