Friday, December 28, 2012

i surrender

as we know, there's no good or evil, per se,
but only short term myopic selfishness
for example, people who believe in a religion
tend not to take responsibility for what happens
after their death; they surrender to their god.

however, once we remember our spirit,
our immortality, we then view the release
of our mortal body as a change of clothing.

we then begin to get a feel for who we are.
we try to understand what brings us here,
to do what, what is our mission, if any.

surrendering to god is inescapable
in some circumstances, we know
all too well. we've all tasted hell.
it made us strong, it gave us faith,
when we surrender, we are saved.

now i ask the person who might be reading
these words, to surrender to me in faith,
to my intellect, to my wisdom, to my love.

i ask you to remember who i am, and
who you are, and what is our relationship,
why we interact with one another and
why we came into each others' lives,
playing the roles that we do, in transaction,
in conversation, in love and emotion.

by what twist of fate have you and i
came together on this tiny blue rock that
we call earth, floating around in infinite space
caring for us, nurturing us, giving us shelter,
giving us a home that feels so safe, so cozy,
so very endearingly intimate?

i ask you to surrender to me in faith that
i know your fears and your desires.
and how would that be possible?
how can i know who you are and
what you might want in your heart
that which you never let slip through
between your lips?

i request you to surrender to my heart
without fear that i might let you fall.
that i will always catch you and be there
to watch over you and come every time
that you may call out to me.

surrender to all of my imperfection
my failures and my mistakes
my incapability and my unworthiness
my weakness and my blindness
with all the darkness in my heart
my ignorance and arrogance
i plead you to trust my smallness.

and in return, i surrender myself to you
in body, heart, and soul
i surrender to your lack of love
to your indifference, to your opposition
i surrender to your misunderstanding
to the superiority of your pragmatism
your mindfulness, your lack of interest in me
or my words, or my dreams, or my pains.

i surrender to you in infinite love and trust
that you will surrender your separation to me.

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  1. I DO SURRENDER :)In fact I've surrendered long ago :) Thank you Mama :) keep on writing for us- The Losers :)