Thursday, December 6, 2012

hello bubble people!

 pebbles are not bubbles

anyone remembers the bubble-boy seinfeld episode? i just saw a movie titled bubble-boy on hbo, a pretty silly movie, but the idea of living inside a bubble is very interesting because we are all living inside one. each person within their own bubble with little or no communication with others. most people seem to live and die without knowing that they were trapped inside a bubble all their lives.

if we try to help someone to break out of their bubble, the problem that occurs is that they get very offended because they find it audacious that anyone should question or criticize their reality or intelligence when all we are doing is poking at a person's bubble. in other words, each person holds up their own bubble as if it is the most important thing in their life and it must never be questioned.

this applies more to intelligent people who know they are smart and consequently are even more egotistical about their bubbles and harder to reach into. so the problem with everyone living inside their bubble is that they have no clue what is going on outside of their bubble or even there IS an outside! but those of us who have busted our bubbles and came out (or so we claim) have no doubt (maybe a little doubt?) about the situation and what is truly going on (yeah sure). but it is impossible to explain to a person until a hole or two can be somehow made so that the person inside can actually see outside of their bubble sufficiently enough to feel a curiosity to find out more. but this is a difficult task to accomplish in most cases.

i am thinking nabeel ashraf ali (a personal friend of mine who i like to pick on!), the brilliant type that is convinced that unlike others they do not subscribe to any bubble, that they are free. sadly though, this is not the case, and it is truly painful to watch these folks being stuck inside bubbles because had they been free, things would have been much easier to change. however, due to the supersized ego of these folks, sometimes they are even more difficult to access than the others.

the bubbles are like religion with a thick hard black crust that is practically impregnable. the less intelligent ones sometimes get more interesting in that they counter attack! not only they not let you touch their bubble, but often they come after you--usually in gangs--trying to get you into a similar bubble as they have. hilarious as it sounds, the reality of the situation is that most muslims i know belong to this category. and i know this problem is not limited only to the muslims although among them it exists in epidemic proportions.

to extend the idea a bit more for clarity, there are sports bubbles, movie buff bubbles, credit card bubbles, mortgage and car payment bubbles, book club bubbles, drugs n alcohol bubble, stock market bubble, vacation bubbles, show off bubbles, money talks bubbles, promiscuity bubbles, taking care of the family bubbles, rock concert bubbles, ethnicity bubbles, work-n-kids loop bubbles, newspaper bubbles, reality show bubbles, soap bubbles, making ends meet bubbles, activist bubbles, and many, many others. basically, anything anyone is busy with, they create a bubble with it, slip inside, and remain there forever.

you understand that the point of my story is that you begin to think about the bubble that you are living inside of. identify it, bust it, and be free. but please, don't get into a bubble busting loop bubble! that's there too!

"so why we must bust the bubble?", says don juan to castaneda, "you should be asking that question, carlos, it is one of yours," and castaneda thinks to himself that don juan is right. i forgot what was the answer to that question but it's not hard to figure out: we bust the bubble because we can, and because there's something truly wonderful waiting outside.

hold on a sec--she's about to make a bubble...

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