Friday, October 5, 2012

rickshaw drivers and galactics

when folks come to dhaka city, you are appalled by the thick crowd, dust, smog, and beggars. you see the skinny rickshaw pullers carrying two, three, four people. it's a backbreaking job, although human bodies are extremely durable under stress.

what you don't see is the heartache of the people who can't become a rickshaw driver or a beggar due to their perceived social status. despite being penniless, unable to find a job, they can't just start selling cigarettes by the roadside, you understand, it's a prestige thing.

and this is a motivation for me to watch the illuminati cabal so closely. people in dhaka work with ngo's (non govt orgs that supposedly bring foreign donations -- money laundering schemes mostly), they think the next elect govt will not sell out, they think islam can solve their problems, they talk and talk, but rich get richer, and poor get poorer.

and they talk on cellphones too, for hours on everyday, oblivious to the radiation hazards, the money drain, they just talk to their hearts' content. there's really nothing else to do, after all.

some of my friends think it is my ego that keeps me busy with what is happening in the usa. what's the point of it? they ask. why waste time watching those silly ufo videos? who cares if the federal reserve is fraud or not?

but we need the free energy. we need free hospitals. we need clean water/air, free transportation and housing. people don't think it is possible to get anything for free. people don't know that the technologies have been around for over 100 years but deliberately hidden from us. people have no idea how little do they know about anything at all.

a trouble with my fellow men is, they can't read english very well. and those who can read, they think they know better than anyone because they are getting paid the big salaries. they don't like to listen to anyone any longer. they just want to talk, shyly about their lavish lifestyles.

thousands of people sleep on the sidewalks, nooks and crannies of this chaotic, greed infested town run by brain-dead leprechauns with no conscience, no awareness, no spiritual connectedness, but a lusty eye on short term profit at the expense of the poor, helpless masses. the overweight and grotesque political monsters laugh about on tv screens. people smooch their stinky behinds for work, for business connections, unable to kick them out of their chairs for corruption and selling their souls.

billions of different species are here around the earth now, we are told. most of these advanced beings and groups are willing to assist us only if we ask for help. they do not interfere on their own; only the ones with ulterior motives do. but only a few of these remain.

we are being told to breathe in the multi-conscious energies being downloaded to earth by our "caretakers" in order to activate our multi-dimensional operating systems so we can ascend and exit the third density duality trap that we are in now. but who's listening? most people can't read, and those who can work for multinationals run by rothschilds and their minions.

my handsomely paid technocrat buddies don't know they are rothschild minions themselves. they don't know they are slaves with a slightly high ranking in the food chain. they are too drunk on their money to care about civil rights, sovereignty, common law, gaia restoration, and similar unimportant things.

personally, i need the galactics to land because i need their age reversal technology, their healing light chambers, their ascension chambers, and i am running out of time. i don't believe we will be tricked by the negative species again with our current level of awareness. this time around, we shall be free.

it would be nice if the so called "normal people" would somehow lose their ego and see that we "nut jobs" are the ones who got it right in the first place. but i deal with islamic groups on a daily basis. they don't like to study zecharia sitchin or the story of the annunaki. they want to bring me into the faith. they want me to prostrate before al-yah-weh and give up my divine powers all over again.

(photo: dave biondahl)

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