Thursday, October 18, 2012

nabeel ashraf ali

nabeel ashraf ali

it's a brightly morning and i am up early bashing my buddies online for whatever good reasons. i swear i am not going to complain but i do have things to say, such as, i can stop the battle. i can stop the battle in my head. i was fencing hard with enemies all around, swirling and jumping, hard and combatant, getting all worked up, and then suddenly i said, stop. and everything stopped. there was no battlefield. there was no battle at all. it was just a brightly morning, and i was up being silly all over again.

everything is wrong. everything we're doing is basically wrong, no argument there. the good news is that everything will be fixed for those of us who want it so. we want things fixed, therefore, they will be fixed. those of you who don't care, too used to the slavery, kinda like it, well, you got it. enjoy it to your heart's content. your wish will be respected and nothing will be fixed for you. bon voyage!

let me tell you about this guy nabeel ashraf ali 'cause he sort of interrupted this writing. he has got this ego the size of a t-rex and is having trouble swallowing this information. for this reason he's after me, out to get me and prove that i am wrong. what's funny is that he's got this thing with girls, he attracts them like butterflies and i don't think he's quite comfortable with his sexuality. too repressed would be my judgment. but the gals love it. they fall for his masquerade all over the place and for the first time i have matured enough not to be jealous of it.

and people have been dragging me down, for better or for worse, people are generally extremely stupid and they destroy talents. if it wasn't for this we wouldn't be living such hellish lives. for instance, the guys working at the national security agencies, you'd expect them to be at least of the average intellect, some of them even been through the intelligence magnifier technology given by the aliens, whatever they call it, them wingmaker guys, fifteen and whoever else, but they ain't very smart even after all this. i just don't think they're all that smart really. never really faced any real competition, i suspect.

so nabeel ashraf ali, he's an above average fellow with his fan group and disciples; he's a smooth talker like that. at one time he got so egotistical that he actually blurted out something like this: me and my cohorts are doing great service to my country and humanity by being just the way we are. i paraphrase a little bit, but how hilarious is that? excuse me, don't you live in the poorest country in the world with the world's worst corruption whose prime minister takes it in the behind from the indian big daddy on a daily basis? huh. go figure.

i just went ahead and named this blog post after nabeel, but i don't want to look bad and bash him up all over the place. i just can't stand his guru syndrome, his holier than thou attitude, his intellectual dogmatism, not so subtle support of his highly spoiled peer groups and whatever else that he has that i am jealous of. the reason i went to him in the first place was that he was a good hub of people connection and i had knowledge that i wanted to make people aware of. but nabeel's dogmatism got in the way and sadly even after many months he basically failed to get over his cognitive dissonance.

consequently, the awareness has been blocked.

true, nabeel is my friend and i don't want to make him look bad. but how do you deal with people who are so trapped in their "oh i am so hot" syndrome, and "oh i don't listen to idiots" behavior that talking to them is like banging your head on a brick wall. intellectually he was my best bet to begin with and i am not even all that smart myself as you can see my run on sentences.

the thing is, i am lazy and i only talk to get something done. but nabeel enjoys his own words so much that he talks for the fun of it, he trips you up with his word-kung-fu, and then he laughs sending you rolling. he doesn't get the point. he just battles you for the fun of it. he's got a few philosophical terms memorized from back in the days that he uses like karate chops. you can't get through to him. he doesn't get the point at all!

but you understand i can write this way about him because he can take it. he's a tough cookie. he will get even with me one way or another. no sweat.

all this is old stuff. played and done. these days the energy blasts on planet earth have been mega sized and it's doing something. i have got two of my sisters talking to me all nice all over again for no apparent reason and that's really something. so that tells me that i don't need to bash anyone up no more, after all. it really ought to be fairly easy sailing from this point on. we shall see.


  1. Let's go out on a trip. Kobay ba kothay ai jani na. But, seems like a good idea...