Wednesday, October 24, 2012

let downs

so who else caught their wives cheating on them? or husbands for that matter. i was sitting by the north balcony and there was a shy northern wind catching me off guard. i turned off the fan lest i get a cold. it was a nice moderate day with plenty of sunshine but i don't feel so good because of the let downs all around. even though some of it might have to do with being patient for just a little longer such as the "drake" issue. he cried "wolf" again and everything has been quiet ever since.

i had stopped reading the "white hats' report" for months now for obvious reasons, nothing much reporting, and the old same to same, but there was so much commotion with the t-man interview with kerry cassidy lately that i thought i would actually check out the epic "white hats' report #48", but alas, three days already and no sign of it.

still too soon to lose all hope yet.

but i don't understand the juvenile drake and galactic federation bashing trolls that infest every single facebook group i tread into. the relentless obama slanders make me question the intellect and sanity of the people doing it. they don't give off very mature and productive vibes and that's disturbing.

more disturbing are the guttural noises the cows all around where i am sitting now are making. these animals, the cows and goats, have been bought for the satanic slaughtering ritual that the muslims perform during the eid-al-adha. muslims are basically too ignorant and savage to use their brain and realize what they do is wrong. they brutally circumcise their children without understanding that this is a branding ritual practiced ever since the time of the pharaohs who secretly rule over the people to this day. 

the avalanche of truths being revealed about the secret history of mankind has not permeated the thick skulls of the mussalmans yet. they are still quite blindly worshiping the anunaki whom they call allah without realizing that they are being fooled into thinking that he is the prime creator.

when asked why the quran mentions "those whom your right hands possess" as women legally permissible to have sex with even when a man is married, the muslims are unable to produce any plausible answer, however, these colossally disturbing anomalies never seem to bother the blind practitioner's conscience. in a pure horrifically dogmatic fashion they croon, "this is allah's book. allah knows what he is doing". yes, and you, sir, are a moron.

generally speaking, anyone who still takes their religion seriously anymore is just too ignorant to know any better. there are a few "sitchin debunked" websites out there making pathetic and lame attempts at nitpicking his translations and theories, but are unable to disprove the fact that the religions of the world are imposed by the anunaki who are simply human beings from other planets. the gods that people are taught to worship are secretly the anunaki themselves.

people better wake up now because this nonsense has gone on long enough.

the neil keenan lawsuit has not been refiled is my understanding. if anybody knows otherwise, do inform me. i am a bit troubled by this fact.

i didn't actually catch my wife fucking another guy, but still, it was not a good thing what she was doing. people are stupid like that. they try to go by nonsensical systems like marriage and government but these antiquated systems don't work anymore. but people can't get over the inertia. they don't register that even only free energy that tesla invented 100+ years ago can solve 90% of our problems overnight. i don't see anyone around me intelligent enough to really say, "yeah, we must have free energy. let's kick some ass and get it unsuppressed now". no, nobody says nothing. they continue on with facebook games. i get hundreds of game requests every week.

somehow the people of the world are still too dumbed down to come together with one voice and kick the bloody criminals in the balls those who are holding us like slaves and animals. only a few of us are yelling and screaming earth shattering truths everyday for years but something is wrong with the people around and everyone acts like complete imbeciles and nobody seems to be able to grasp the bloody depth of what we are saying. instead, they make us look bad as if we are the fools because we have the brain to figure things out. what is wrong with you people?

i am the most positive thinking person i know. but the let downs must stop. i cannot accept the world we live in today the way it is. it will get a thousand times better if people start paying attention. we are not saying that we are special in some way. just pause for a moment, pay attention to what is being revealed about our reality, and understand that there has been a grand deception. all we have to do is take the time to understand what the deception is, make ourselves aware of what is truly happening around us, and then collectively participate in fixing what has been wrong. how difficult can it be?

it is time for everyone to understand the implications of the fact that we are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience. when we die, we simply drop the body bag and return "home". and then when we decide to have another experience, we reincarnate into another body bag. all of the drama that takes place in our lives with people seducing and sleeping around with one another' husbands and wives are all a part of the game that we play. the only way we can really "know" something is by experiencing it. this is the reason for this "duality game" that we are here for. 

yet something went awry in our duality kindergarten. a snake entered here and held hostage the children. so we must solve this little drama as well. consider this to be the climax of all drama that all of us have been experiencing. once this final drama plays out, we will all graduate out of this school. we will all be free and there will be great joy. so join with us with your voice. let's work together and be free. it's time.

and we have to stop the animal holocaust, dear muslims. we have to grow up. the cows around me are crying as i write this. they are protesting: don't do this. this is wrong. it is just very, very wrong.

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