Friday, October 26, 2012

dreams of pablo


disfavored from a quantum state among flying falling falsified
emerges a sun brazen neruda island in the caribbeans

the saggy breasted broad luster her golden arms aside
red wine chalices find their way into the nursing fingers

come again properly, eye to smiling eye, entangled,
entwined as true lovers, abandoned wind by the bending shore
burned coal, friendless, loveless, a penniless pauper poet

feast upon the eyes skyscape, seagull shivers in chest, arid lips
scratch upon a diary, scribbling along disaligned phrases
lashes lips goulashes, swording about her body blouse breasts 

dry dunes by the lady ocean goddess, sweeping, swooshing, 
orange crab crawlers dalai lama, buddhist zen malachite

comes awalking a distant cottage in verdant mountain palms
sloppy slobby careless dusty hair'd dame smilesq and shy
charmed scented benevolent child amid the greenery patches
oned atoned perhaps robbed of her very appearance

soliloquy canary calls, she along the heavy half bottle
wooden planks soft bottom leg upon a leg
touching falling kissing hand in hand lovers in laps

she the island wrapped silent overwhelming drench
cumulonimbus albatross wind blades upon her stolen tress
downcast elbows of gold she sits casting shadows on the diary

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