Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Photo: less than a couple of weeks to go until this art event!  my studio will be open when i am around - this is a rare opportunity to see us artist in our studio spaces!  It will be very interesting for all art lovers.

o you know why i am quiet
it's been a while
i've had nothing to say
no one notices if i go or stay

you get used to it after sometime
when you slip off the grid
people say hello now and then
a few good friends from way back when

this is peaceful, i say to myself
this is kind of nice
to be invisible and forgotten
no point in waking before eleven

no, i am not a loser
please don't call me that
i feel fine this way
soon more of you will sway

this is the 5d folks
everything easy and nice
i am just glad to make it here
my eyes half closed, my heart is clear

(photo credit: fleur barnfather)

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