Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the solution, the ramblings

there are a bunch of flies sitting around in my room and they are not at all afraid of me. this is so strange i am wondering if it has to do with the current planetary energies. what i like to state in today's blog is that we have found a solution to all of our problems, incredible as it may sound to some, but the truth is that the truth is out, and we now clearly understand why we have so many problems today and throughout our history. and one of our primary obstacles now is getting through to people who are too indoctrinated by the misguidance of those who are the cause of our problems, in a manner of speaking.

let me make this interesting for you by saying that i happened to be taking a few puffs of heroin with someone that i met for two days only. he was a family man with two daughters and a wife who lived in bangladesh while he worked in the middle east. he was on a vacation for a few months and that was the reason why he was smoking he said. he does not smoke while he is in dubai, he claimed.

he was a chatty fellow and his words were strong and logical until i heard him talk on the phone to a guy who worked with him, telling him that he would have to lie to his boss saying that he had an accident while on vacation because he would need a few days off of work to get over his withdrawals (which he didn't mention on the phone). now some of you guys know me, i am bad with these things, and at the right moment i got him point blank telling him if he had to lie to his boss, then all those wonderful things he explained to me earlier, somehow, were turned into flakes. 

that destroyed him. he became very quiet all of a sudden and later he appreciated my honesty, which is rare in my life. anyway, i do believe i did him some good, because through this whole incident something good happened to me as well.

now, if you can suspend your judgment/curiosity etc. for the moment, we can move on to the solution to our problems, and i will begin with two quotes from our favorite jew grandmaster albert einstein:

1. if you cannot explain an event in simple terms, then you haven't understood it.
2. you cannot solve a problem with the same point of view that you caused it with.

i paraphrased his words, but you get the point. now if i were you, i'd be thinking, this is amusing, who the heck this guy thinks he is that he can solve all of humanity's problems on his lame ass blog? but you see, you can't get too far with an attitude like that. on the other hand, because god has created us in his likeness, we do have god like powers once we get in the right aptitude.

of course my reader is intelligent enough to know that i alone cannot solve any problems whatsoever (hey i can hardly keep my own life together), but anyone including myself has the potential to find one or two good ideas that can lead to a way out for humanity that we desperately need at this time, as most people would agree. 

here i want to mention a few of my aristocratic friends who work smart enough to have been rewarded with a lavish lifestyle of hot cars, fancy restaurants, and exotic vacations, who couldn't care less about what i might be blabbing about here. why would they? they've got it made. but the thing is, i myself had dropped that kind of a lifestyle because i didn't like it. it was driving me insane. i had a different calling, somewhere, somehow.

i was exhausted by the meaningless rat race. i am off the grid now. and i feel so much better. i see so very clearly now. i am so much at peace. and i have no money. and i run into sad situations because i have no money, but when i do, i can still see that it is not the absence of money that is the problem, but it is the system that forces people to chase after money by blocking other options. and opening up these other options is our highway to freedom if we agree on it.

the good news is that everyday more and more people on the planet are agreeing on it. "you may say i am a dreamer, but i am not the only one" (john lennon).

how interesting is it that the group of people who siphoned bengal and india's economy for 200 years, those who destroyed china through opium back in the days, are the same people who birthed the committee of 300 that dr. john coleman had exposed, who are responsible for bankrupting the united states of america today? this is why they say we live on a small planet, as such, we can only have small problems on a small planet, no?

well, maybe not so.

but let me allude now to the great solution to all of humanity's problems so you would not think i had raised a false alarm. allow me to apply only a few words into this solution in a less-is-more like fashion.

recalling einstein's first quote, let's understand that all of the problems we have been facing so far are in actuality the typical problems on a free-will planet where everyone is free to do whatever they feel like achieving. in an environment like this, there's no such thing as right or wrong. you have heard those doing massive wrongs spout many devil's advocacy justifying their misconduct. some of you have done it yourself. and so it is. we have been fully experiencing the epitome of duality, the dichotomy of light and dark. everything that was supposed to happen, did happen.

in other words, there are no problems of humanity to be solved. everything is in perfect order/disorder, the exact way they should have been.

surprised? disappointed? another dud? no my friend, have patience.

just because things are the way they should be, does not mean they will remain this way forever. things will change when we decide to change them. and this is where we need your agreement because until you agree to change, things remain as they are. and this is our first obstacle, making people understand that duality has run its course.

now let's recall einstein's second quote. think of the saying that if you continue to do the same thing, you will continue to get the same result. so a change is in order. and it turns out that people's mode of thinking is stickier than a heroin addiction and possibly one of the hardest things to change. what is the most difficult thing for most people to admit?

"i am the one who is doing something wrong here" !!!

you wrong? that's impossible!

but kidding aside, we have things going wrong at the very core of our belief systems. and the majority of the people are unfortunately too dogmatic to allow anyone to go there and question them. this is our second obstacle, a paradigm shift within the consciousness of the people by re-evaluating our core beliefs.

and that's really it. for someone who would get my point, enough has already been said. and no amount of additional words will convince those who haven't grasped it yet. 

so the only thing left to say are two words: love and oneness. we are all one and so let's begin to love one another in ways we didn't before. make just one change if you can, and that will be good enough.

thank you for reading this diatribe. peace and love, from me and the flies.


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