Sunday, September 2, 2012

pretending to awake

it's 4:50 am and i am up blogging because i think a couple of mosquitoes were doing a job on me. we have aerosol but those things are useless like most products are these days. anyway, a friend of mine sent me this video that he made on disabled children of bangladesh and i thought about making a blog on it. but i don't know, i am asking my guides to set me right because i am in a real funny mood and i don't know how this is going to come out.

so i was watching the video and my friends tried to make it a touching one, and they have a couple of sponsors shown at the end of the video, and they even repeated the crying scene at the end thinking people might have missed it the first time. then the fake game of musical chair which our kids never play or ever heard of even. and you can see the amateur camera work, the poor directing, and the overall pathetico of a so called third world aura in the job, but all in all a heart wrenching video.

but why do such a thing? are we looking for money? awareness? love? what?

you see, we have a shameless band of the most dastardly criminals in the country pretending to be our govt who would sell their mother's kidneys for a little bit of money. you don't need any kind of economic hit men to get these guys and gals to sell their souls. they clearly understand how the illuminati works. they own the banks, media channels, newspapers, hospitals, shipyards, and anything that makes big money. they perfectly know that all religions are created for political benefit so they squeeze out the best opportunities by manipulating them.

and yes, the police, politicians, big businessmen, and the armed forces are the worst criminals in the country, and possibly in the world now. nothing new here.

on my facebook page, once i happened to share a lecture that was leaked from a 33rd degree mason's initiation or some such thing. suddenly i got a friend request from a remote country in south africa. this frustrated young man was desperate to join some kind of a secret society so he could be rich. he couldn't find a decent job, he said.

as we know, it is difficult to awaken a person that is pretending to sleep.

so if we are to do any kind of meaningful lightworking, then we must take into account this petty cabal in every country that just won't stop their mega crimes. these groups are not the illuminati. they know nothing about the reptilian queen of the vatican, yet in principle, they are very similar when it comes to throwing the rest of the world into a dumpster to satiate their own petty little desires.

getting back to our little video, it makes your heart cry, but for how long? are you going to donate some money? we have hundreds of ngos (non govt org's) for money laundering etc. in the name of foreign assistance while our govt sits tightlipped on bribe. my expatriot classmates do a big clothing drive once in a while and send their used clothes back home. what satisfaction they get, i don't know. but i know i don't agree with them. i know that is not how you truly help someone. it's all a make believe, folks. a little 'there there' on your own shoulder for living wrong.

so i tell them they are all a bunch of brainwashed zombie slaves who are foolish enough to believe that they are mortgage and car loan paying, highly intelligent technocrats. you couldn't own a house even if you wanted to. as a slave you can only lease it and pay taxes on it for the rest of your lives. you don't have enough brain to understand that even your law is wrong. you are supposed to follow common law, not admiralty-maritime law which is for ships at sea, and you don't even know it.

and people tell me there's no such thing as off-worlders. truth is, off-worlders come here to help us out all the time, and they get horrified at the way of our living. they cannot figure out how it got to be so sinister.

so do i have a point? you bet i do. don't pat yourself on the back too long for making this little video. it's a start for sure but we have a long way to go with our awakening. don't pretend that you are awake, you're not. awakened people don't take it from the behind the way we do. they protest. they do something about something. don't die satisfied that you have made this film.

but again, i am frustrated with all of your futility of action. you are capable of so much more. but i am not out here to bash anyone up, but then somethings, maybe not people,  need to be bashed up because they are deadly wrong. and we don't see it. we don't hear it. we unquestioningly continue to follow our fraud religions like sheep. we worship money as though it is god. and when someone starts to make real sense we tell them to shut up and go away.

do something that will truly change the miserable state of our reality. do it now.

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