Thursday, September 13, 2012

global kleptocracy and ascension

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people need to remember that sheikh hasina, the pm of bangladesh, is a public servant who has been given a job by us, the people; we pay her salary. we also need to remember when we employ hounds trained by interpol (namely, r.a.b., the rapid action battalion) to catch the politically supported criminals, we also need a mechanism to put these hounds back into their cages after the job is done and before they start to go after innocent people.

there's an intelligentsia in bangladesh who writes columns in the local newspapers and who is perceived to have some sort of influence in the political events (not economic). the worst weakness of this intelligentsia is the english language which cripples their overall knowledge in global affairs especially because the internet is predominantly english based.

the economics of bangladesh is strictly controlled by india, china, usa, japan, korea, canada, saudi arabia, et al. the banks, telecommunications, drugs, cigarettes, ngo's, and various foreign loans are the biggest holes in the economy keeping the country perpetually poor. india has successfully managed to destroy the small industries such as jute, clothing, knitting, and industry for every kind of daily purpose materials that would have thrived under a small support from the govt.

quick facts: "Bangladesh’s economic freedom score is 53.2, making its economy the 130th freest in the 2012 Index. Its overall score is 0.2 point better than last year, reflecting improvements in business freedom and labor freedom that counterbalance a significant drop in trade freedom. Bangladesh is ranked 28th out of 41 countries in the Asia–Pacific region." source:

and here's cia's fact page on bangladesh:

161 million people makes us the 8th largest population in the world.

the extreme disconnect from the global intellect due to indian media oppression, poor grade of our own media programs and newspapers, an obsessive islamic dogmatism, and massive drug abuse have created a polluted miasma of darkness in the mass consciousness of this large body of people that appears nearly impregnable by light.

yet we continue our efforts.

people of the united states now understand the global kleptocracy, however, the people of bangladesh still have not caught on to what perkins has said about the economic hit men, and how they control the global economy via hook or crook. the concept of "follow the money" is inapplicable in a country where transparency is nonexistent.

it is rumored that there's no gold left at fort knox. the federal reserve has been bankrupt for many years now, yet their ponsy scheme continues due to the ignorance of the people. but for how long? this has been going on for long enough. people have been advised to buy silver and gold, but that doesn't quite deal with the global situation at hand.

okay, now let's change gears and talk positive for a change.

atlantis and lemuria were our own civilizations of great excellence that have been destroyed. we were the same souls who lived during those periods, and many people are now remembering their past lives. we only live once is a lie and most of us have reincarnated on various planets millions of times. this is a crucial understanding that is prerequisite to bringing forth a vibration of consciousness that will solve our problems.

many advanced souls survived when these civilizations were destroyed and the earth became a prison planet under the annunaki. many of the survivors went underground and founded the city of agartha which exists in the fifth dimension. these agarthans and the ascended masters of atlantis and lemuria have been waiting to reunite with us at the appropriate circumstances for a long time, and now we are very close to reaching it.

if you listen to sheldan nidle, you'd understand that there has been a "truce of anchara" recently where the annunaki have put down their guns and turned to light with the galactic federation. and this has left our vatican and bush banking cabal running around like a chicken without a head. most of you don't know this because none of this is covered in our mainstream media.

salusa from sirius has said in today's message that the cabal has lost its teeth but it still has its claws, so to speak. when the existing fiat banking system finally falls on its face, the ground crew and the galactic federation will immediately take control of the situation before the chaos gets out of hand and the reason for this is that the alternative banking system is ready as well as many advanced technology to tide us over the crisis period.

however, each and everyone of us must understand that we have the freewill not to avail of this assistance for whatever reasons. we also need to be aware that we have finally reached the end of the cycle when we can end duality and ascend to a multidimensional awareness with total recall of all our past lives if we choose to do so.

ascension has always been our true purpose of incarnating into life. this is what our prophets and gurus have tried to tell us all along. it is our next step towards god or the source of it all.

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