Sunday, September 2, 2012

forget december 21, think obama

with a catchy title like that, i am amused to expect a good number of hits on this post. you'd be interested in knowing that the number one popular post on my blog so far is roswell. and that tells me two things: that people still didn't know that fbi declassified the information that alien bodies were found at roswell, although they didn't declassify the living bodies they imprisoned and abused; secondly, that single memo in the fbi vault is essentially an effective body of circumstantial evidence that serves as a disclosure that aliens do exist, after all.

there is a precise north on planet earth but if someone goes in that direction, will they find something dramatic there? possibly not. same is true with december 21. think of it as a compass point. it sure serves as a directional guide, but that is all it is. our goal is to create a dramatic change well before this date. which means, i think, anyone reading this now may take a moment to realize that they need to bump their creativity one notch higher in their lightworking, be it regarding their own internal work, or working with others.

the light beings from the "other side" in their messages have been consistently unabashed in their support for president obama repeatedly stating that he is a specially selected soul that is highly evolved with much leadership and lightworking experience from previous lifetimes who has been specifically chosen for the big role of leading humanity back into the light. this still stands today despite clint eastwood's wonderful performance at rnc, and not only that, president obama being re-elected is such a compulsory matter for humanity that in the event of a possibility that he may not be re-elected, the light beings will then rush the disclosure event before the next election in november to ensure that he does get elected!

this involvement of the light beings to ensure obama's presidency is strictly apolitical, we are being told.

so let's think this through for a moment. we know that humanity is divided at the moment in terms of the degree of awareness regarding the illusion created in our third density reality. many people have been unable to let go of the mind control and accept the revelations regarding the true nature of our reality. while in the western world there seems to be an exponential rate of awakening taking place, it is not the same with my own people in the east here.

also, the cabal has had some success lately regarding the smear campaign against the galactic federation. they created a few fake channels, and remotely corrupted some of the reputed ones using their technology. this essentially translated into many people not being able to discern between a good channel and a false-flag, and eventually, an overall reduction of credibility in channels in general has resulted.

but the good that has come out of it is that people realized that they themselves are the best "channels" after all. every last one of us are connected to the source. everyone being a tiny fractal image of the prime creator, we have constant access to our divine aspects, namely, our inner soul, higher self or oversoul, etheric replica in the fourth dimension, the i am presence, etc.

with the exception of the sanatana or hindu dharma and buddhism, most of the primary religions are designed to distract people away from the the direct connection with god, source, or prime creator, which are all the same. instead, the religions create a separateness between god and people. this essentially traps a person into believing that they are weak victims in a harsh reality where they continually ask for forgiveness for doing wrongs under given circumstances while never actually trying to stop doing wrong themselves. they believe that they have no choice but to sin in order to survive in a world that is full of sin by design. this is a very convenient lie for most people.

consequently, out of a lifetime's worth of not taking responsibility for one's unethical actions, one chooses to cling to their religion. also, for the fear of burning in hell forever, not realizing what an unrealistic idea it is. but anyway, i realize the futility of unhinging a person from their deepest, multigenerational misconception. all religions are fraud, we say this after much study on the subject. you have either deprogrammed yourself enough to realize it, or not. the choice is yours.

so where are we globally with ascension? there has been a strange reduction in electricity load-shedding in dhaka city which has no explanation. the population in the city has not suddenly dropped, yet the load-shedding has reduced by a large number of hours. our galactic beings are saying this is because they have intervened. anybody has any alternative idea?

the other night, a light ship dropped so low in the sky that i could see it from my bed. i remember laughing myself to sleep as the ufo blinked wonderful iridescent colors outside the window. seeing these crafts have become such a commonplace!

so what message i have today for the awakened ones? just one of peace, happiness, and blessings. our task right now has reached the level where our personal vibration should be high enough to create a change in our environment. we are quickly rising above fear and doubt, and tapping more and more into our multidimensional aspects by communicating within. our inner improvements will infallibly be reflected in our external reality soon enough.

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