Tuesday, September 4, 2012

eye in the sky

dieter braun, also known as "indian in the machine" has put up this nice video showing the subtle activity taking place in the skies. if you don't know what a chemtrail is, you should. it is hurting you and your planet to a degree that is unthinkable. 

this abomination continues on because most people think they know what is going on on this planet, while they really don't. 

this video clearly demonstrates the subtler and higher vibrational beings quietly detoxing our skies. 

it is time to wake up and get with the awareness program. human race is in bondage, and it is simply our divine duty to regain our sovereignty and freedom.

please step outside of your outdated perception of money and religion. these two are the worst manipulations against humanity. break your lifelong hypnosis and be free.

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