Tuesday, September 18, 2012


. your law is bogus. common law is the true law but we don't have it.
. your tax is bogus. govt doesn't actually have any law to tax you.
. your mortgage is bogus. no loan is ever made. it's already paid.
. your banks are bogus. they type numbers in computers to create money.
. your vote is bogus. all votes are rigged. all elections are actually selections.
. your medicine is bogus because they keep you sick for profit.
. your news and media is bogus. you pay to get brainwashed.
. your education system is bogus because they teach you what to think.
. your religion is bogus. they have been customized to keep you in the dark.
. your technology is bogus. real technologies are not disclosed.
. your fuel is bogus. free energy has been hidden over a hundred years.
. your history is bogus. they don't teach you about atlantis and lemuria.
. your govt is bogus. they changed the constitution to take away your rights.
. your medical science is bogus. true healing is done thru light, sound, and colors.
. your defense budget is bogus because all wars are orchestrated false flags.
. your driver's license is bogus because you do not require a permit to go places.
. your marriage certificate is bogus because you need nobody's permission to get married.
. your visa is bogus, because again, nobody has the right to stop you from going anywhere on your own planet.
. your insurance is bogus because it is just a scam to make money by tricking you.
. your police is bogus because they don't serve you as public servants.
. your space technology is bogus. aliens gave to shadow govt secret advanced tech.
. your bills are bogus because energy is free all over the universe.
. your office hours are bogus. you are kept busy so you cannot think.
. your food is bogus because they have been poisoned or genetically modified.
. your air is bogus, it's being poisoned by unnecessary pollution and chemtrails.
. your life is bogus because even after knowing all this, you don't wake up.

* the last one is optional ;)

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