Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ascension technology in antarctic pyramids

i told you about the rickshaw driver the other day, who has chosen this particular occupation out of a few options that might have been available to him. he is a pragmatic, working individual living his life in today's world as an average human being. his life is a fairly normal and commonplace scenario in this country (bangladesh) for many people. the difference between this man, and say one of my brothers-in-law working as a director at new york metropolitan transit authority is obvious to anyone. but there's also a similarity which is not so obvious to many people until it is pointed out. 

the similarity is that they both have accepted their miserable fates and they don't quite understand how it is so.

now had i made this remark in front of my brother-in-law, he'd laugh very hard and put me down with some cynical joke. but the fact of the matter is, i'd still be right and i think somewhere deep down he'd know it too. but it would be mighty difficult to make him see that he lives in a reality that has an outdated expiry date. so is the case for most people today, unfortunately. i will briefly elaborate.

most people, because of the massive brainwash, cannot accept the fact that the queen of england is a shape shifting reptilian who owns the united states or maybe the world; or there is an alien artificial intelligence network with its headquarters possibly under the vatican; or that the atlantis and lemurian civilizations were fifth dimensional civilizations with intergalactic communication with other planets; and even today the ascended masters and other advanced descendants of those civilizations clandestinely protect us from many different types of attacks of which we have no knowledge at all.

why clandestine? you may ask, and the answer is because planet earth has been colonized by the annunaki. and it's not ego when i say that understanding this truth requires a high intellect and persistent study with a strong inkling for the truth. an average director of mta would be too financially comfortable to be motivated enough to discover such an evasive truth as the one i am revealing. and this has been a standing problem for many years. it is the intelligent people who have a hard time accepting that they have been duped to a highly embarrassing degree. they just can't deal with it. but sooner or later, they must face it.

the common man lives the life of a slave. our natural state of being is infinitely more satisfying than the life of a rickshaw driver or an mta director. however, people are impossibly brainwashed to understand such a crucial and obvious truth. but in order for it to become obvious, something in one's mind needs to crack, some strange artificial lock put in by the secret manipulators of humanity. and it seems that no amount of logic, proof, history, revelation, etc. is enough to convince those who are locked up. they self police themselves into their cage and no amount of coaxing seems enough to convince them to pass through the open door to experience the true face of reality.

now the good news is, enough work has been done to expose the secret manipulators and we are now passing through a very thoroughly highlighted and prophesied period when humanity is finally supposed to become free. and the revelation of the antarctic pyramids is directly connected with this fact.

the dark cabal has been looking for these pyramids for some time in order to destroy what is inside of them which is ascension technology. this technology is left there by our atlantean ancestors for us because they were advanced enough to know many things that we would be facing today. what will prevent the cabal from destroying this technology is sufficient human awareness of what is going on behind the illusion. if many people make sufficient noise that they know what is going on, then the cabal has no choice but to back off and give in to the will of the people.

and this is why we need more people to wake up, yesterday.

people need to understand that there is a reason why so many people today are creating their own blogs just like myself and constantly sharing information regarding the massive conspiracy against humanity. all of us people have not suddenly caught a virus and gone mad. we know what we are talking about, and it is extremely critical that people understand what we are saying.

the cabal will try to quickly block off the pyramids, move all of the technology from inside, and then possibly make a few bogus tv documentaries to tell us that these empty pyramids were tombs of the pharaoh as well, or some such nonsense. 

don't fall for it. don't let them do it. wake up.

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