Friday, September 14, 2012

are we there yet?

so uh, this is great, anybody heard that song "fatboy slim is fucking in heaven"? that old number, the simplicity of courage, oh man, watching this video above freed me, i mean i could see the tiredness of it all, the hatred i have been suffering from friends and family and whoever else since forever (of course there has been love too, but at times you forget that) and i must say i wasn't happy about the contrived, haphazard last post but it happened.

so now i am going to just talk and tell you about me and how it's been for me in the recent times, or maybe even earlier because i am in this frantic frenzy of learning and i am going to tell you about this vicious creature, this horrific entity, the grotesquely slimy, repulsive, obnoxiously perverse being called people. and attempting to have the abomination of loving them unconditionally.

the reason we have such a difficult time with unconditional love is that with the exception of one person in our lives, we never receive it from anyone we know. 

so let me tell you about the lala land of consciousness, the desolate place, where i am the solitary reaper with no sign of intelligence anywhere in sight with one or two rare and disperse exceptions. on the one hand, we are supposed to be going through the biggest change that ever took place in the entire universe, while on the other, it appears that everyone around is superglued to their ancient, outdated belief systems that they cannot be budged from. weird.

it is not that the people have no intellect, but it is their retarded belief systems that they are simply unable to step out of is the insanity i am having a hard time dealing with. how can everybody, i mean everybody, be so ridiculously boxed up in their minds? how did it get to be this way? when did we all become so dumb and fixed?

let me give you an example. i was on the phone with an old friend for over and hour when he discussed how his faith in allah was about to wane because he was losing so much money in the stock market when just in the nick of time he magically recovered and therefore got back his faith. do you see what's going on here? and then he gave me some advice not to lose my faith. so far so good. but the thing is, for the last few years i have been finding out the truth about all organized religions and how they all disempower us because we bestow our own divine powers to some external entity according to the religious faiths have taught us and consequently we never find out who we truly are.

now this is a very serious contradiction of thoughts and belief systems that requires serious efforts of discernment but who's listening? everyone's stuck in their own little box and they refuse to take the lid off.

live and let live, you'd say. yes i know but that unfortunately doesn't solve everything. we have a thing called the mass consciousness or planetary consciousness that we are evaluated on by our galactic family and they are permitted to do or not do certain activities according to our collective vibration. so how do we raise the planetary vibration? you raise the consciousness of the people. now how do you raise the consciousness of a people that never listens to anything but gives crappy advice all the time?

well, the answer is you raise your own vibration and affect others that way. well yes, we have been going through that and some changes did take place but is it enough? how come there's still no disclosure? how come the mainstream media is still yelling world war 3 all day and night? how come the euro and dollar haven't crashed yet? why hasn't the bush/hillary cabal been arrested yet? where's the free energy technology that is supposed to come out?

nobody can say we have not been patient. we have been listening to channeled messages for years now. we listened to drake, cobra, kaulapele, whoever. but where is the bloody change? 

i know it's coming. i know. i am not stupid. but it needs to come now. 

we are very very very tired of waiting. 

make things happen now.

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