Wednesday, September 26, 2012


he was the kenyan boyfriend of my german landlady ellen, an ex-colleague at jp morgan on 5th avenue when i was renting a room in hell's kitchen new york. he was also a friend of my roommate gene. he'd visit us after work hours when ellen left for germany after she had quit her job. and that was when babel and i became friends.

i would be fiddling in my room with my les paul and my second hand korg triton synthesizer that i had bought from a canadian guy over at ebay when babel would drop into my room. sometimes we would hang out over a beer or two and a couple of joints with some other friends of gene. he said he wanted to learn how to play the bass guitar and he wanted me to give him some lessons.

he invited me over to his place on a weekend but i never went to people's houses so i was reluctant but he insisted and dragged me to brooklyn to his apartment. he was a baker, by the way, and he baked the tastiest fruit tarts, chocolate croissants, jelly danishes and whatnot, and quite often he'd bring us some leftovers from his work and they all tasted extremely good.

in brooklyn, babel then took me shopping with him saying that he was going to cook something called muffet that was a common dish in his home country kenya. we bought some fish, meat, and vegetables, grabbed a couple of six packs of beer and went home. he started cooking and i started chatting with a girl that he picked up from the subway the day before. he had this talent that he could just talk to any random girl on the street and coax her to be friends with him enough to come visit his apartment that same day.

he then showed me a bass guitar that he collected from somewhere, it was a nice looking guitar but he didn't exactly know how to play it. so i would be playing my les paul and he'd be trying a couple of notes on the base. and we hung out like that quite a few times.

and then one day he asked to borrow my keyboard. i was a bit shocked, actually, i didn't expect anyone to borrow it. i had big plans with it, but the truth is i wasn't playing it much and it was mostly left collecting dust on the side of my room. reluctantly, i let him have it and his face just lit up.

so babel, my other guitarist friend tanveer, and i would hang out from time to time partying around and eating muffet. and this muffet was an interesting thing that we always ate off of a large silver platter. he would put rice in the middle, scatter the vegetables around it, put some fish or meat at the center, and a super hot green jamaican ball pepper at the very top. then we would all go wash our hands and we all sat around and ate together from the platter with our hands. it was a bit uncomfortable at first, but soon we got used to it.

at one point, ellen came back from germany and crashed in our apartment because i told her she could do so whenever she returned. her apartment was practically a library with wall to wall shelves full of books on any subject under the sun you could think of. allen loved philosophy but her dream was to open up her own restaurant where she could teach people how to eat the right food, not the junk that newyorkers typically ate. start with spinoza, she said, if you want to study philosophy. you need a good, simple starting point, if you want to understand philosophy, then you add on from there, she coached me.

later on, she moved to babel's apartment, we became good friends, and at some point she asked me to have dinner with her. so we met at some italian restaurant ordered the food and a big bottle of red wine and struck up a conversation.

maybe it was the wine, our conversation was so sparkly and intense that we asked the waiter for another bottle, and he obliged. soon afterwards we finished our dinner but the wine wasn't even halfway down. so we asked the waiter to pack it for us to go. but he politely declined that there was no provision for him to do so. the bottle must be finished or left there. it could not be carried out.

embarrassing as it was in retrospect, it was at this point i lost my composure and started getting angry at the waiter: what do you mean there's no rule to carry this out? we paid for this bottle, haven't we? customarily, he tried to reason with us, failed, and walked away. and this was when in a true warrior-like fury i poured the contents of the bottle all over the table and couches where we were sitting, to the amazement of the group of  people sitting a few tables over who cursed me out in disgust: what a jackass!

by the time a big burly guy came chasing after us with a white napkin in his hands we were already downstairs and out in the street. we practically ran away from him, to his chagrin, laughing our butts off when we reached a safe distance.

we hung out for a bit longer and ended up at babel's apartment, exuberant and happy from drunkenness. babel wasn't going to be home till the morning and there was only one bed in the apartment. ellen offered me to share the bed with her, but i thought about babel and i told myself that i just couldn't do that to my friend. what would he think when he came back in the morning and saw us sleeping in his bed? so i slept on the carpet in the other room.

it was many years later that i found out from tanveer that the two had broken up, and he and ellen enjoyed a two week long ecstatic jaunt right after this incident in some hotel room nearby before he turned down her offer to go to germany with her and get married.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

a poem by pablo neruda


Sonnet VIII: If your eyes were not the color of the moon

If your eyes were not the color of the moon,
of a day full of clay, and work, and fire,
if even held-in you did not move in agile grace like the air,
if you were not an amber week,

not the yellow moment
when autumn climbs up through the vines;
if you were not that bread the fragrant moon
kneads, sprinkling its flour across the sky,

oh, my dearest, I could not love you so!
But when I hold you I hold everything that is -
sand, time, the tree of the rain,

everything is alive so that I can be alive:
without moving I can see it all:
in your life I see everything that lives.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


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You are not responsible for the destiny of others: souls choose their life according to the Sacred Law of Free Will. Bless everyone and their journey.

on a thin strip of a path along the cold green marshes on either side she goes under a starlit night with a bite of a moon hanging to her right. she pulls onto her shawl as the pecan branches point eastward. she takes small, brave footsteps while an owl hoots a caution to her anxious mind. i must find brother, she mutters, i can't go home to step mother without him. the cherry blossoms pray for her as she slowly approaches an old, abandoned barn by the dark foliage where the crickets chirp. she reaches into her pocket and feels the half a loaf of bread left there. her throat dry, her stomach sunken, she walks on.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the solution, the ramblings

there are a bunch of flies sitting around in my room and they are not at all afraid of me. this is so strange i am wondering if it has to do with the current planetary energies. what i like to state in today's blog is that we have found a solution to all of our problems, incredible as it may sound to some, but the truth is that the truth is out, and we now clearly understand why we have so many problems today and throughout our history. and one of our primary obstacles now is getting through to people who are too indoctrinated by the misguidance of those who are the cause of our problems, in a manner of speaking.

let me make this interesting for you by saying that i happened to be taking a few puffs of heroin with someone that i met for two days only. he was a family man with two daughters and a wife who lived in bangladesh while he worked in the middle east. he was on a vacation for a few months and that was the reason why he was smoking he said. he does not smoke while he is in dubai, he claimed.

he was a chatty fellow and his words were strong and logical until i heard him talk on the phone to a guy who worked with him, telling him that he would have to lie to his boss saying that he had an accident while on vacation because he would need a few days off of work to get over his withdrawals (which he didn't mention on the phone). now some of you guys know me, i am bad with these things, and at the right moment i got him point blank telling him if he had to lie to his boss, then all those wonderful things he explained to me earlier, somehow, were turned into flakes. 

that destroyed him. he became very quiet all of a sudden and later he appreciated my honesty, which is rare in my life. anyway, i do believe i did him some good, because through this whole incident something good happened to me as well.

now, if you can suspend your judgment/curiosity etc. for the moment, we can move on to the solution to our problems, and i will begin with two quotes from our favorite jew grandmaster albert einstein:

1. if you cannot explain an event in simple terms, then you haven't understood it.
2. you cannot solve a problem with the same point of view that you caused it with.

i paraphrased his words, but you get the point. now if i were you, i'd be thinking, this is amusing, who the heck this guy thinks he is that he can solve all of humanity's problems on his lame ass blog? but you see, you can't get too far with an attitude like that. on the other hand, because god has created us in his likeness, we do have god like powers once we get in the right aptitude.

of course my reader is intelligent enough to know that i alone cannot solve any problems whatsoever (hey i can hardly keep my own life together), but anyone including myself has the potential to find one or two good ideas that can lead to a way out for humanity that we desperately need at this time, as most people would agree. 

here i want to mention a few of my aristocratic friends who work smart enough to have been rewarded with a lavish lifestyle of hot cars, fancy restaurants, and exotic vacations, who couldn't care less about what i might be blabbing about here. why would they? they've got it made. but the thing is, i myself had dropped that kind of a lifestyle because i didn't like it. it was driving me insane. i had a different calling, somewhere, somehow.

i was exhausted by the meaningless rat race. i am off the grid now. and i feel so much better. i see so very clearly now. i am so much at peace. and i have no money. and i run into sad situations because i have no money, but when i do, i can still see that it is not the absence of money that is the problem, but it is the system that forces people to chase after money by blocking other options. and opening up these other options is our highway to freedom if we agree on it.

the good news is that everyday more and more people on the planet are agreeing on it. "you may say i am a dreamer, but i am not the only one" (john lennon).

how interesting is it that the group of people who siphoned bengal and india's economy for 200 years, those who destroyed china through opium back in the days, are the same people who birthed the committee of 300 that dr. john coleman had exposed, who are responsible for bankrupting the united states of america today? this is why they say we live on a small planet, as such, we can only have small problems on a small planet, no?

well, maybe not so.

but let me allude now to the great solution to all of humanity's problems so you would not think i had raised a false alarm. allow me to apply only a few words into this solution in a less-is-more like fashion.

recalling einstein's first quote, let's understand that all of the problems we have been facing so far are in actuality the typical problems on a free-will planet where everyone is free to do whatever they feel like achieving. in an environment like this, there's no such thing as right or wrong. you have heard those doing massive wrongs spout many devil's advocacy justifying their misconduct. some of you have done it yourself. and so it is. we have been fully experiencing the epitome of duality, the dichotomy of light and dark. everything that was supposed to happen, did happen.

in other words, there are no problems of humanity to be solved. everything is in perfect order/disorder, the exact way they should have been.

surprised? disappointed? another dud? no my friend, have patience.

just because things are the way they should be, does not mean they will remain this way forever. things will change when we decide to change them. and this is where we need your agreement because until you agree to change, things remain as they are. and this is our first obstacle, making people understand that duality has run its course.

now let's recall einstein's second quote. think of the saying that if you continue to do the same thing, you will continue to get the same result. so a change is in order. and it turns out that people's mode of thinking is stickier than a heroin addiction and possibly one of the hardest things to change. what is the most difficult thing for most people to admit?

"i am the one who is doing something wrong here" !!!

you wrong? that's impossible!

but kidding aside, we have things going wrong at the very core of our belief systems. and the majority of the people are unfortunately too dogmatic to allow anyone to go there and question them. this is our second obstacle, a paradigm shift within the consciousness of the people by re-evaluating our core beliefs.

and that's really it. for someone who would get my point, enough has already been said. and no amount of additional words will convince those who haven't grasped it yet. 

so the only thing left to say are two words: love and oneness. we are all one and so let's begin to love one another in ways we didn't before. make just one change if you can, and that will be good enough.

thank you for reading this diatribe. peace and love, from me and the flies.


a poem by mahbuba kamal

mahbuba kamal binu (poet)

    বিপজ্জনক ভাঙনের ধারে

    স্বপ্নের একরত্তি উঠোনের কাছে শ্যাওলা, কচুরিপানার
    সবুজ শরীর জুড়ে পুকুরের সবুজ জলের ঢেউ
    অত্যন্ত নিঃশব্দে নিঃসঙ্গ দুপুরে টলটলে মেঘের ছায়ায়
    অপূর্ব রঙ ধরেছিলো আকাশের গায়ে ।

    অসংখ্য দুপুরে নিঃসঙ্গ আমি, সাথী হয়েছিলাম তাদের,
    মেঘ হয়ে উড়ে গেছি রঙ বেরঙের মাঠের উপরে দিয়ে
    নাও হয়ে ভেসেছি নাম না জানা বিলে,
    বৃষ্টি হয়ে ঝরেছি মাঝির চোখের পাতায়
    গোধুলির রঙ ধরেছি পাহাড়ের গায়ে চুপ্টি করে !

    হারিয়ে যাওয়া প্রজাপতির পিছু নিতেই ধরা পড়েছি
    অসম্ভব মায়ায় ঘেরা হিজলের বনে,
    চিলেকোঠার নদী পাড়ি দেবো বলে
    একা হেঁটে গেছি আমি পদ্মার পারে, বিপজ্জনক
    ভাঙনের ধারে !

English translation (by me):

on the menacing riverbank

algae near the dream nugget of a yard, hyacinth
dancing green in tandem with the verdant marshy waters
an extreme silent solitary noon shaded beneath the aqueous clouds
wore a novelty of colors onto the sky.

forlorn in the numerous noons i kept them company
flying like a cloud over the rainbow green fields
floated like a dingy in the nameless lakes
fell like rain on the lashes of the boatman
painted twilight sepia on the quiet mountains.

i was caught chasing after the lost butterflies 
in that impossible maya of the hejal trees
attempting to cross the penthouse river,
i walked forsaken on the menacing riverbank
of a breaking, falling padma.


. your law is bogus. common law is the true law but we don't have it.
. your tax is bogus. govt doesn't actually have any law to tax you.
. your mortgage is bogus. no loan is ever made. it's already paid.
. your banks are bogus. they type numbers in computers to create money.
. your vote is bogus. all votes are rigged. all elections are actually selections.
. your medicine is bogus because they keep you sick for profit.
. your news and media is bogus. you pay to get brainwashed.
. your education system is bogus because they teach you what to think.
. your religion is bogus. they have been customized to keep you in the dark.
. your technology is bogus. real technologies are not disclosed.
. your fuel is bogus. free energy has been hidden over a hundred years.
. your history is bogus. they don't teach you about atlantis and lemuria.
. your govt is bogus. they changed the constitution to take away your rights.
. your medical science is bogus. true healing is done thru light, sound, and colors.
. your defense budget is bogus because all wars are orchestrated false flags.
. your driver's license is bogus because you do not require a permit to go places.
. your marriage certificate is bogus because you need nobody's permission to get married.
. your visa is bogus, because again, nobody has the right to stop you from going anywhere on your own planet.
. your insurance is bogus because it is just a scam to make money by tricking you.
. your police is bogus because they don't serve you as public servants.
. your space technology is bogus. aliens gave to shadow govt secret advanced tech.
. your bills are bogus because energy is free all over the universe.
. your office hours are bogus. you are kept busy so you cannot think.
. your food is bogus because they have been poisoned or genetically modified.
. your air is bogus, it's being poisoned by unnecessary pollution and chemtrails.
. your life is bogus because even after knowing all this, you don't wake up.

* the last one is optional ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

my new york story for fakrul

sometimes i wonder what people do in the groups that i leave. do they all get together and go, oh my god, we are all so dumb and boring? i mean, you know, it should happen like that. like, didn't you ever wonder after getting dumped how your ex could possibly continue on with their life without you? how is it even possible?

my life has been a continual chain of idiotic events. sometimes i look back and try to understand what was the point of all those dumb things i have done in my life because i can't find much else to look back to except some good times with friends and family just partying around and having some good times here and there, but that's it. but somehow i feel okay with it all. for instance, the blogs i visit often would once in a while rejoice a million hits or ten, whereas i am at zero to three hits per day, and even with that sometimes i wonder who are the people finding my blog, and why.

so i have been wanting to tell a story in new york that happened quite a few years back that i told my friend fakrul about. he's been telling me to write about these things instead of what i have been writing, but again, i can't explain this defiance, i just do whatever, and often it's just silly and pointless, and i can't make a buck off of it or anything like that, still, so what, you know? i feel free, and that makes me feel good in my own way. i am not different because i am working hard to be different. this is just how i am and if my friends don't get it, well, i will make better friends in some other life in the future or in some other dimension where there's not so much judgment crippling people's being, or being honest, or being just themselves.

it was after my long time girlfriend had left me, and along with her all of my friends were gone too because they were essentially her friends who never really liked the way i was. so i was terribly lonely and i had this one korean friend whom i called wing, he'd come over at times and we'd hang out at bars.

one time wing invited me to his friend's party and i went. the friend was a nice girl whose name i can't recall anymore and she had this nice apartment up on the fifth floor of an apartment complex. we went there together and started mingling. i remember getting pretty drunk and losing sight of wing after some time. my memory of this whole scene seems like a dream now as i remember it and somehow fakrul liked the story when i told him and apparently remembered it enough to remind me to write about it.

i remember chatting up with the host girl, sorry that i can't remember her name, i wish i did, because i liked her a lot, and maybe even thought about hitting on her in my mind but but i was aware that i had just met all those people and i shouldn't do anything rash even though i was pretty raving drunk because i was still hurting terribly from the breakup.

at one point, the girl suddenly said she lost her engagement ring, and started looking for it around the room. soon a whole bunch of people started looking for it at which point i grabbed another drink and sat on a couch when i found the ring. but for some reason, instead of immediately giving it to her, i thought i would have some fun with it and so i let them look some more. 

after a while, i gave her the ring, laughed about what i did, got disappointed when i saw her getting upset, and bid goodbye to the party. 

i took the elevator down and i think i started talking to someone who was from the party taking a smoke downstairs by a tree that was mounted with a cement bench like circular paving. as i am talking to this guy, suddenly, at the corner of my eye i see something coming towards me at top speed from the right. this happened before i could think, i waited till the last moment and then i suddenly moved backwards to dodge the person who would have hit me full force if i hadn't. 

the guy hits the bench area hard with his knees and fell. it was the brother of the girl who lost the ring. he was mad because i made them search the place unnecessarily by hiding the ring. i think he then got up and i was sure he was hurt. he pushed me down to the ground and maybe even sat on me. he yelled at me but didn't hit me. at this point others came and separated us. i caught a cab and called wing but he said he was going to go separate so i just left. 

i remember when we were in school, i had a silly fight with fakrul too when he sat on my chest too and my glasses broke.

 so now you know what i mean. fakrul and i are good friends now, except i said some funny things about the video that he did recently on a couple of disabled kids that i shared on my blog here. i don't know why i said what i said. words come out like that i don't seem to have any control over them. sometimes i regret afterwards, sometimes i don't. and the process continues on.

Friday, September 14, 2012

are we there yet?

so uh, this is great, anybody heard that song "fatboy slim is fucking in heaven"? that old number, the simplicity of courage, oh man, watching this video above freed me, i mean i could see the tiredness of it all, the hatred i have been suffering from friends and family and whoever else since forever (of course there has been love too, but at times you forget that) and i must say i wasn't happy about the contrived, haphazard last post but it happened.

so now i am going to just talk and tell you about me and how it's been for me in the recent times, or maybe even earlier because i am in this frantic frenzy of learning and i am going to tell you about this vicious creature, this horrific entity, the grotesquely slimy, repulsive, obnoxiously perverse being called people. and attempting to have the abomination of loving them unconditionally.

the reason we have such a difficult time with unconditional love is that with the exception of one person in our lives, we never receive it from anyone we know. 

so let me tell you about the lala land of consciousness, the desolate place, where i am the solitary reaper with no sign of intelligence anywhere in sight with one or two rare and disperse exceptions. on the one hand, we are supposed to be going through the biggest change that ever took place in the entire universe, while on the other, it appears that everyone around is superglued to their ancient, outdated belief systems that they cannot be budged from. weird.

it is not that the people have no intellect, but it is their retarded belief systems that they are simply unable to step out of is the insanity i am having a hard time dealing with. how can everybody, i mean everybody, be so ridiculously boxed up in their minds? how did it get to be this way? when did we all become so dumb and fixed?

let me give you an example. i was on the phone with an old friend for over and hour when he discussed how his faith in allah was about to wane because he was losing so much money in the stock market when just in the nick of time he magically recovered and therefore got back his faith. do you see what's going on here? and then he gave me some advice not to lose my faith. so far so good. but the thing is, for the last few years i have been finding out the truth about all organized religions and how they all disempower us because we bestow our own divine powers to some external entity according to the religious faiths have taught us and consequently we never find out who we truly are.

now this is a very serious contradiction of thoughts and belief systems that requires serious efforts of discernment but who's listening? everyone's stuck in their own little box and they refuse to take the lid off.

live and let live, you'd say. yes i know but that unfortunately doesn't solve everything. we have a thing called the mass consciousness or planetary consciousness that we are evaluated on by our galactic family and they are permitted to do or not do certain activities according to our collective vibration. so how do we raise the planetary vibration? you raise the consciousness of the people. now how do you raise the consciousness of a people that never listens to anything but gives crappy advice all the time?

well, the answer is you raise your own vibration and affect others that way. well yes, we have been going through that and some changes did take place but is it enough? how come there's still no disclosure? how come the mainstream media is still yelling world war 3 all day and night? how come the euro and dollar haven't crashed yet? why hasn't the bush/hillary cabal been arrested yet? where's the free energy technology that is supposed to come out?

nobody can say we have not been patient. we have been listening to channeled messages for years now. we listened to drake, cobra, kaulapele, whoever. but where is the bloody change? 

i know it's coming. i know. i am not stupid. but it needs to come now. 

we are very very very tired of waiting. 

make things happen now.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

global kleptocracy and ascension

(500 hits since inception. just so you know.)

people need to remember that sheikh hasina, the pm of bangladesh, is a public servant who has been given a job by us, the people; we pay her salary. we also need to remember when we employ hounds trained by interpol (namely, r.a.b., the rapid action battalion) to catch the politically supported criminals, we also need a mechanism to put these hounds back into their cages after the job is done and before they start to go after innocent people.

there's an intelligentsia in bangladesh who writes columns in the local newspapers and who is perceived to have some sort of influence in the political events (not economic). the worst weakness of this intelligentsia is the english language which cripples their overall knowledge in global affairs especially because the internet is predominantly english based.

the economics of bangladesh is strictly controlled by india, china, usa, japan, korea, canada, saudi arabia, et al. the banks, telecommunications, drugs, cigarettes, ngo's, and various foreign loans are the biggest holes in the economy keeping the country perpetually poor. india has successfully managed to destroy the small industries such as jute, clothing, knitting, and industry for every kind of daily purpose materials that would have thrived under a small support from the govt.

quick facts: "Bangladesh’s economic freedom score is 53.2, making its economy the 130th freest in the 2012 Index. Its overall score is 0.2 point better than last year, reflecting improvements in business freedom and labor freedom that counterbalance a significant drop in trade freedom. Bangladesh is ranked 28th out of 41 countries in the Asia–Pacific region." source:

and here's cia's fact page on bangladesh:

161 million people makes us the 8th largest population in the world.

the extreme disconnect from the global intellect due to indian media oppression, poor grade of our own media programs and newspapers, an obsessive islamic dogmatism, and massive drug abuse have created a polluted miasma of darkness in the mass consciousness of this large body of people that appears nearly impregnable by light.

yet we continue our efforts.

people of the united states now understand the global kleptocracy, however, the people of bangladesh still have not caught on to what perkins has said about the economic hit men, and how they control the global economy via hook or crook. the concept of "follow the money" is inapplicable in a country where transparency is nonexistent.

it is rumored that there's no gold left at fort knox. the federal reserve has been bankrupt for many years now, yet their ponsy scheme continues due to the ignorance of the people. but for how long? this has been going on for long enough. people have been advised to buy silver and gold, but that doesn't quite deal with the global situation at hand.

okay, now let's change gears and talk positive for a change.

atlantis and lemuria were our own civilizations of great excellence that have been destroyed. we were the same souls who lived during those periods, and many people are now remembering their past lives. we only live once is a lie and most of us have reincarnated on various planets millions of times. this is a crucial understanding that is prerequisite to bringing forth a vibration of consciousness that will solve our problems.

many advanced souls survived when these civilizations were destroyed and the earth became a prison planet under the annunaki. many of the survivors went underground and founded the city of agartha which exists in the fifth dimension. these agarthans and the ascended masters of atlantis and lemuria have been waiting to reunite with us at the appropriate circumstances for a long time, and now we are very close to reaching it.

if you listen to sheldan nidle, you'd understand that there has been a "truce of anchara" recently where the annunaki have put down their guns and turned to light with the galactic federation. and this has left our vatican and bush banking cabal running around like a chicken without a head. most of you don't know this because none of this is covered in our mainstream media.

salusa from sirius has said in today's message that the cabal has lost its teeth but it still has its claws, so to speak. when the existing fiat banking system finally falls on its face, the ground crew and the galactic federation will immediately take control of the situation before the chaos gets out of hand and the reason for this is that the alternative banking system is ready as well as many advanced technology to tide us over the crisis period.

however, each and everyone of us must understand that we have the freewill not to avail of this assistance for whatever reasons. we also need to be aware that we have finally reached the end of the cycle when we can end duality and ascend to a multidimensional awareness with total recall of all our past lives if we choose to do so.

ascension has always been our true purpose of incarnating into life. this is what our prophets and gurus have tried to tell us all along. it is our next step towards god or the source of it all.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

link to the return of the serpents of wisdom

by mark amaru pinkham

it's a must read to clearly understand what is taking place now. 

people need to make an effort to raise our vibration. slowly the higher dimensional aspects begin to manifest in a subtle, questionable manner at first. then we begin to catch on and genuinely get interested.

this book should help understand what is being hidden and why.

amaraka, the land of serpents

credit: michael tsarion

Ancient Secrets of Mystical Atlantis (with Michael Tsarion)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

eye in the sky

dieter braun, also known as "indian in the machine" has put up this nice video showing the subtle activity taking place in the skies. if you don't know what a chemtrail is, you should. it is hurting you and your planet to a degree that is unthinkable. 

this abomination continues on because most people think they know what is going on on this planet, while they really don't. 

this video clearly demonstrates the subtler and higher vibrational beings quietly detoxing our skies. 

it is time to wake up and get with the awareness program. human race is in bondage, and it is simply our divine duty to regain our sovereignty and freedom.

please step outside of your outdated perception of money and religion. these two are the worst manipulations against humanity. break your lifelong hypnosis and be free.

ascension technology in antarctic pyramids

i told you about the rickshaw driver the other day, who has chosen this particular occupation out of a few options that might have been available to him. he is a pragmatic, working individual living his life in today's world as an average human being. his life is a fairly normal and commonplace scenario in this country (bangladesh) for many people. the difference between this man, and say one of my brothers-in-law working as a director at new york metropolitan transit authority is obvious to anyone. but there's also a similarity which is not so obvious to many people until it is pointed out. 

the similarity is that they both have accepted their miserable fates and they don't quite understand how it is so.

now had i made this remark in front of my brother-in-law, he'd laugh very hard and put me down with some cynical joke. but the fact of the matter is, i'd still be right and i think somewhere deep down he'd know it too. but it would be mighty difficult to make him see that he lives in a reality that has an outdated expiry date. so is the case for most people today, unfortunately. i will briefly elaborate.

most people, because of the massive brainwash, cannot accept the fact that the queen of england is a shape shifting reptilian who owns the united states or maybe the world; or there is an alien artificial intelligence network with its headquarters possibly under the vatican; or that the atlantis and lemurian civilizations were fifth dimensional civilizations with intergalactic communication with other planets; and even today the ascended masters and other advanced descendants of those civilizations clandestinely protect us from many different types of attacks of which we have no knowledge at all.

why clandestine? you may ask, and the answer is because planet earth has been colonized by the annunaki. and it's not ego when i say that understanding this truth requires a high intellect and persistent study with a strong inkling for the truth. an average director of mta would be too financially comfortable to be motivated enough to discover such an evasive truth as the one i am revealing. and this has been a standing problem for many years. it is the intelligent people who have a hard time accepting that they have been duped to a highly embarrassing degree. they just can't deal with it. but sooner or later, they must face it.

the common man lives the life of a slave. our natural state of being is infinitely more satisfying than the life of a rickshaw driver or an mta director. however, people are impossibly brainwashed to understand such a crucial and obvious truth. but in order for it to become obvious, something in one's mind needs to crack, some strange artificial lock put in by the secret manipulators of humanity. and it seems that no amount of logic, proof, history, revelation, etc. is enough to convince those who are locked up. they self police themselves into their cage and no amount of coaxing seems enough to convince them to pass through the open door to experience the true face of reality.

now the good news is, enough work has been done to expose the secret manipulators and we are now passing through a very thoroughly highlighted and prophesied period when humanity is finally supposed to become free. and the revelation of the antarctic pyramids is directly connected with this fact.

the dark cabal has been looking for these pyramids for some time in order to destroy what is inside of them which is ascension technology. this technology is left there by our atlantean ancestors for us because they were advanced enough to know many things that we would be facing today. what will prevent the cabal from destroying this technology is sufficient human awareness of what is going on behind the illusion. if many people make sufficient noise that they know what is going on, then the cabal has no choice but to back off and give in to the will of the people.

and this is why we need more people to wake up, yesterday.

people need to understand that there is a reason why so many people today are creating their own blogs just like myself and constantly sharing information regarding the massive conspiracy against humanity. all of us people have not suddenly caught a virus and gone mad. we know what we are talking about, and it is extremely critical that people understand what we are saying.

the cabal will try to quickly block off the pyramids, move all of the technology from inside, and then possibly make a few bogus tv documentaries to tell us that these empty pyramids were tombs of the pharaoh as well, or some such nonsense. 

don't fall for it. don't let them do it. wake up.

Monday, September 3, 2012

psychology behind the mass control

this is from 2007 and every word of it still applies.

 michael tsarion - The psychology behind the mass control

part 2 (10 min)

part 1 (10 min)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

pretending to awake

it's 4:50 am and i am up blogging because i think a couple of mosquitoes were doing a job on me. we have aerosol but those things are useless like most products are these days. anyway, a friend of mine sent me this video that he made on disabled children of bangladesh and i thought about making a blog on it. but i don't know, i am asking my guides to set me right because i am in a real funny mood and i don't know how this is going to come out.

so i was watching the video and my friends tried to make it a touching one, and they have a couple of sponsors shown at the end of the video, and they even repeated the crying scene at the end thinking people might have missed it the first time. then the fake game of musical chair which our kids never play or ever heard of even. and you can see the amateur camera work, the poor directing, and the overall pathetico of a so called third world aura in the job, but all in all a heart wrenching video.

but why do such a thing? are we looking for money? awareness? love? what?

you see, we have a shameless band of the most dastardly criminals in the country pretending to be our govt who would sell their mother's kidneys for a little bit of money. you don't need any kind of economic hit men to get these guys and gals to sell their souls. they clearly understand how the illuminati works. they own the banks, media channels, newspapers, hospitals, shipyards, and anything that makes big money. they perfectly know that all religions are created for political benefit so they squeeze out the best opportunities by manipulating them.

and yes, the police, politicians, big businessmen, and the armed forces are the worst criminals in the country, and possibly in the world now. nothing new here.

on my facebook page, once i happened to share a lecture that was leaked from a 33rd degree mason's initiation or some such thing. suddenly i got a friend request from a remote country in south africa. this frustrated young man was desperate to join some kind of a secret society so he could be rich. he couldn't find a decent job, he said.

as we know, it is difficult to awaken a person that is pretending to sleep.

so if we are to do any kind of meaningful lightworking, then we must take into account this petty cabal in every country that just won't stop their mega crimes. these groups are not the illuminati. they know nothing about the reptilian queen of the vatican, yet in principle, they are very similar when it comes to throwing the rest of the world into a dumpster to satiate their own petty little desires.

getting back to our little video, it makes your heart cry, but for how long? are you going to donate some money? we have hundreds of ngos (non govt org's) for money laundering etc. in the name of foreign assistance while our govt sits tightlipped on bribe. my expatriot classmates do a big clothing drive once in a while and send their used clothes back home. what satisfaction they get, i don't know. but i know i don't agree with them. i know that is not how you truly help someone. it's all a make believe, folks. a little 'there there' on your own shoulder for living wrong.

so i tell them they are all a bunch of brainwashed zombie slaves who are foolish enough to believe that they are mortgage and car loan paying, highly intelligent technocrats. you couldn't own a house even if you wanted to. as a slave you can only lease it and pay taxes on it for the rest of your lives. you don't have enough brain to understand that even your law is wrong. you are supposed to follow common law, not admiralty-maritime law which is for ships at sea, and you don't even know it.

and people tell me there's no such thing as off-worlders. truth is, off-worlders come here to help us out all the time, and they get horrified at the way of our living. they cannot figure out how it got to be so sinister.

so do i have a point? you bet i do. don't pat yourself on the back too long for making this little video. it's a start for sure but we have a long way to go with our awakening. don't pretend that you are awake, you're not. awakened people don't take it from the behind the way we do. they protest. they do something about something. don't die satisfied that you have made this film.

but again, i am frustrated with all of your futility of action. you are capable of so much more. but i am not out here to bash anyone up, but then somethings, maybe not people,  need to be bashed up because they are deadly wrong. and we don't see it. we don't hear it. we unquestioningly continue to follow our fraud religions like sheep. we worship money as though it is god. and when someone starts to make real sense we tell them to shut up and go away.

do something that will truly change the miserable state of our reality. do it now.

forget december 21, think obama

with a catchy title like that, i am amused to expect a good number of hits on this post. you'd be interested in knowing that the number one popular post on my blog so far is roswell. and that tells me two things: that people still didn't know that fbi declassified the information that alien bodies were found at roswell, although they didn't declassify the living bodies they imprisoned and abused; secondly, that single memo in the fbi vault is essentially an effective body of circumstantial evidence that serves as a disclosure that aliens do exist, after all.

there is a precise north on planet earth but if someone goes in that direction, will they find something dramatic there? possibly not. same is true with december 21. think of it as a compass point. it sure serves as a directional guide, but that is all it is. our goal is to create a dramatic change well before this date. which means, i think, anyone reading this now may take a moment to realize that they need to bump their creativity one notch higher in their lightworking, be it regarding their own internal work, or working with others.

the light beings from the "other side" in their messages have been consistently unabashed in their support for president obama repeatedly stating that he is a specially selected soul that is highly evolved with much leadership and lightworking experience from previous lifetimes who has been specifically chosen for the big role of leading humanity back into the light. this still stands today despite clint eastwood's wonderful performance at rnc, and not only that, president obama being re-elected is such a compulsory matter for humanity that in the event of a possibility that he may not be re-elected, the light beings will then rush the disclosure event before the next election in november to ensure that he does get elected!

this involvement of the light beings to ensure obama's presidency is strictly apolitical, we are being told.

so let's think this through for a moment. we know that humanity is divided at the moment in terms of the degree of awareness regarding the illusion created in our third density reality. many people have been unable to let go of the mind control and accept the revelations regarding the true nature of our reality. while in the western world there seems to be an exponential rate of awakening taking place, it is not the same with my own people in the east here.

also, the cabal has had some success lately regarding the smear campaign against the galactic federation. they created a few fake channels, and remotely corrupted some of the reputed ones using their technology. this essentially translated into many people not being able to discern between a good channel and a false-flag, and eventually, an overall reduction of credibility in channels in general has resulted.

but the good that has come out of it is that people realized that they themselves are the best "channels" after all. every last one of us are connected to the source. everyone being a tiny fractal image of the prime creator, we have constant access to our divine aspects, namely, our inner soul, higher self or oversoul, etheric replica in the fourth dimension, the i am presence, etc.

with the exception of the sanatana or hindu dharma and buddhism, most of the primary religions are designed to distract people away from the the direct connection with god, source, or prime creator, which are all the same. instead, the religions create a separateness between god and people. this essentially traps a person into believing that they are weak victims in a harsh reality where they continually ask for forgiveness for doing wrongs under given circumstances while never actually trying to stop doing wrong themselves. they believe that they have no choice but to sin in order to survive in a world that is full of sin by design. this is a very convenient lie for most people.

consequently, out of a lifetime's worth of not taking responsibility for one's unethical actions, one chooses to cling to their religion. also, for the fear of burning in hell forever, not realizing what an unrealistic idea it is. but anyway, i realize the futility of unhinging a person from their deepest, multigenerational misconception. all religions are fraud, we say this after much study on the subject. you have either deprogrammed yourself enough to realize it, or not. the choice is yours.

so where are we globally with ascension? there has been a strange reduction in electricity load-shedding in dhaka city which has no explanation. the population in the city has not suddenly dropped, yet the load-shedding has reduced by a large number of hours. our galactic beings are saying this is because they have intervened. anybody has any alternative idea?

the other night, a light ship dropped so low in the sky that i could see it from my bed. i remember laughing myself to sleep as the ufo blinked wonderful iridescent colors outside the window. seeing these crafts have become such a commonplace!

so what message i have today for the awakened ones? just one of peace, happiness, and blessings. our task right now has reached the level where our personal vibration should be high enough to create a change in our environment. we are quickly rising above fear and doubt, and tapping more and more into our multidimensional aspects by communicating within. our inner improvements will infallibly be reflected in our external reality soon enough.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

morgellons fibre in chemtrail

PROOF-Morgellons fibre in chemtrail (2010)

youtube video description:

I extracted a nano sized organism from a chemtrail fibre that had been collected after heavy spraying in Nebraska. The organism was not visible to the eye and only visible to my scope after it was placed in a highly oxygenated environment. This NIGHTMARE is unlike any other pathogen, it thrives on oxygen. All natural pathogens die when surrounded by oxygen. This is a well thought out MAN-MADE horror.

i have tested 23 out of 35 adults and 3 out of 4 children positive for these same fibers. None of those tested showed any outward signs of morgellons. I now know these fibers respond to frequencies, electromagnetic ones, probably more.

 also see this video: "Morgellons" - 2nd Session

a few more video links: Rense Morgellons Videos

et elements of the falklands war

Published on Aug 18, 2012 by megawatts1066

David Griffin from ExopoliticsUK gives the 4 parts on the ET elements of the Falklands War. The claim is from abductees that the Argentine Government had a Blue ET base on Thule Island, which was destroyed by a team of SBS and SAS commandoes.

The problem being an intelligent black fluidic substance, illustrated in the X-Files and Prometheus films. This extremely dangerous "Intelligent & Aware" substance, was removed from the base, and given to Marconi communications company, so it is claimed, which resulted in many deaths and murders of Marconi scientists, computer programmers and other staff in the early 1980s.

This leads in the Gulf Oil spill in parts 3 and 4. 

parts 1 & 2 (2nd edition)

 part 3

part 4 (gulf oil spill)


The memo that 'proves aliens landed at Roswell'... released online by the FBI

By Daily Mail Reporter

A bizarre memo that appears to prove that aliens did land in New Mexico prior to 1950 has been published by the FBI. The bureau has made thousands of files available in a new online resource called The Vault. Among them is a memo to the director from Guy Hottel, the special agent in charge of the Washington field office in 1950.

Proof of (alien) life? A copy of the 1950 memo that recounts the discovery of flying saucers and aliens in New Mexico 
Proof of (alien) life? A copy of the 1950 memo that recounts the discovery of flying saucers and aliens in New Mexico. The memo has been published on the FBI website. In the memo, whose subject line is 'Flying Saucers', Agent Hottel reveals that an Air Force investigator had stated that 'three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico'.

The investigator gave the information to a special agent, he said. The FBI has censored both the agent and the investigator's identity. Agent Hottel went on to write: 'They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter.
'Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall,' he stated. The bodies were 'dressed in a metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots.'

Was it true? An image allegedly showing one of the aliens that were autopsied at Roswell in 1947 
Was it true? An image allegedly showing one of the aliens that were autopsied at Roswell in 1947

He said that the informant, whose identity was censored in the memo, claimed the saucers had been found in New Mexico 'due to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar set-up in that area and it is believed the radar interferes with the controlling mechanism of the saucers'. 

He then stated that the special agent did not attempt to investigate further. The release of the secret memo is likely to fuel conspiracy theorists' claims of a government cover-up.

The town of Roswell in New Mexico became infamous after reports that a flying saucer had crashed in the desert near a military base there on or around July 2, 1947.

The bodies of aliens were said to have been recovered and autopsied by the U.S. military, but American authorities allegedly covered the incident up

Roswell: Secret memo released online is written to the FBI Director and could confirm the 1947 Roswell UFO incident 
Roswell: Secret memo released online is written to the FBI Director and could confirm the 1947 Roswell UFO incident

Flying saucers: One of the supposed alien victims of the Roswell UFO crash 
Flying saucers: One of the supposed alien victims of the Roswell UFO crash
Military authorities issued a press release, which began: ‘The many rumours regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc.’

The headlines screamed: 'Flying Disc captured by Air Force.' Yet, just 24 hours later, the military changed their story and claimed the object they'd first thought was a 'flying disc' was a weather balloon that had crashed on a nearby ranch.

Amazingly, the media and the public accepted the explanation without question. Roswell disappeared from the news until the late Seventies, when some of the military involved began to speak out.

Another memo published in The Vault from 1947 claimed that an object 'purporting to be a flying disc' had been recovered near Roswell. 

The disc was 'hexagonal in shape' and 'suspended from a balloon by a cable', according to the memo, marked as 'Urgent', to the FBI director.

Autopsy: A dead alien is allegedly examined following the landing at Roswell 
Autopsy: A dead alien is allegedly examined following the landing at Roswell

The memo noted that the disc resembled a weather balloon - but claimed that a telephone conversation between the Air Force and the field office 'had not [word censored] borne out this belief'.

The disc and balloon were being transported to Wright Field for further inspection, the memo noted. It added that the information was being flagged up because of 'national interest' in the episode, and noting that both NBC and the AP were set to break the story that day.