Friday, August 24, 2012

who's dumb

before facebook i have been in myspce, hi5, yahoo groups, yahoo chatrooms, whatever else existed before that, the alt newsgroups from the old linux days etc. ... and so it's a been a journey. we have now switched over to ipv6 from 4 means diddly to people but we are well tracked by the govt just like we were well tracked by the fbi when the remote controlled planes hit the twin towers and particle beam weaponry or some such thing was detonated to pulverize the towers.

some people just don't have the brainpower to read anything even mildly intelligent, believe me, this is not ego. i see example of this everywhere i go, people focusing on dumb shit. ever since my third eye got a little bit of wind, i have lost connection with the people that i thought were just like myself, but now they seem to be utterly offline, never ever making any connection unless i make an effort to dumb myself down to make a conversation at their level which is so boring it is nearly impossible to stay there.

however, whenever i bring this dumbness--for the lack of a stronger term--into my writing, sparks of offense flare. strangely enough, dumb as they are, these people are very keen on protesting their being insulted, and insulted they feel with just about anything, without ever mending their ways. taking offense they understand acutely well, but no intelligent conversation is possible with these people imprisoned inside of a strange vibration that is inexplicable to me.

so yeah, this is an enigmatic part within me that i fail to beat any sense into. people don't know anything, and they are not interested in anything other than knowing tidbits of hindi films. and i tried to watch these hindi films; most of them are absolutely retarded with extremely poor acting, pathetic sense of humor, vulgar clothing and gestures, moronic unarmed battles, unnecessary songs and dances, and ridiculously stretched stories that would have been good for a ten minute skit at best, if properly done.

the west is immune from this though, but has other similar problems covered in slightly better clothing. in any case, in practicing my non-judgment, i figure i might as well call a spade a spade. the people around me are acting stupid, egotistical, and ignorant to an extent that is intolerable and inexcusable. this will not do. you see, i am not pointing fingers at anybody, but if my writing irks you, then you are the subject of my attention. i want you to feel a slight embarrassment. it is necessary for you to grow.

but if my writing makes you laugh, then you are okay. you understand where i am coming from. and i don't have much to explain to you. we understand each other well and clear.

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