Friday, August 24, 2012

waiting for you

by Neel Akash on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 12:32am ·
once again, i am waiting for you
in the quiet of this late hour
on a slow wither
of roses in a vase
like that i am waiting for you

it's not so much your coming
or your going away
subtle scent of your body
your thoughts
it can be anything
yet nothing particular comes to mind
just waiting for you

everything i have done
everything i do
all that attention and devotion
suddenly seems not so important after all
and this pause
this reflection
a monologue in the head
and then a kind of pain
a kind of guilt

but this waiting
it's very real
you have been very real
but i
like in a hypnosis
like in a dream
a quick succession of events take place
things happen quickly
and you can almost predict
my waiting for you

this state of waiting
there's no outcome of it
it just happens
this feeling of waiting
nothing will happen now
this is not a time for doing
not a time for being
not even anticipation
just a flattened feeling
a kind of slowness
a preparation
or none of it at all
but only waiting for you

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