Thursday, August 23, 2012

tremulous entwine

by Neel Akash on Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 10:46pm ·
and who are you my dear dazzleglory monsoon rain? take my hello
whose reflection do you see in these gritty eyes of hollow?
how do you fill these cylindrical emotions? what of the fading dreams
remains in the labyrinths of the layered heart beauty stained pain?

kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss me and rub me and keep me in your arms for moments on
touch on your sweaty spine, fingers through your majestic disheveled blaze of soft
and that brief clean crystal shotglass of a gaze between the four
the soft proximity of comfort, the melodious touch and a loveseat karmic lore
entwined and quaint, serenity sliced sky window at noonday stalled beneath the fan

the words, non sequitur, punctuation of necessary environ interruptions
suspended animation and judgment of the walls, toys, brief joyous moments
oblique temperament of hearts, fearless and famished by the fountain of youth
audacious isolation moments, involved, simple and quiet and small

and how was it manipulated, such spirit iridescent and fly fell slippery slope?
what gourds held her unrestrained passionate fathomless ore?
she the harlequin hermit of a whore, hanker and adrift alight
in desperation of a sandy clam the pearl gesticulates about the shore

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