Thursday, August 23, 2012

translation of a second lalon song

by Neel Akash on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 2:50pm 

Within three wombs lives a son
he pours his heart out to everyone
but never says a word to me ~

the ladies numbering in three
they are of exquisite beauty
as are the mothers so is the son
born without fruit, born without seed ~

for those with visions big and high
the son vanishes in the flick of an eye
those cast upon the subtle and fine
only they can see the son shine
he has sharp wit, he has sharp tongue,
and he looks on with sharp eyes ~

so the fakir lalon says
I feel I am gonna catch the son
I will quit all my wit
and give it up for him
I feel I am gonna catch the son
but then I put him in my lap ~

(bangla original by lalon)

Tin gorve achhe re ak chhele
shey je shobare koy moner kotha
amay koy na pran gele ~

achhen tin jona nari
oti porom shundori
abar jamon chhele temni mata
shey je beej bina, bina foley ~

jader mota nojor hoy
chhele poloke haray
abar chhoto nojor hoile chhele
tarai dekhte pay
chheler tikhno buddhi tikhno kotha
shey abar tikhno noyono mele ~

tai lalon shah fakire bole
chhele dhorbo dhorbo mone vabi re
abar vojon shadhon chhere diye
dhori chheler pay
chhele dhorbo dhorbo mone vabi
abar icchha hoy kori kole ~

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