Thursday, August 23, 2012

translation of a lalon song

by Neel Akash on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 1:56pm ·

whoever lives in my home
through this lifetime
i never get to see him

something moves up north east
two of my eyes can't see
the world is right here
so very close, my dear
i reach out but my hand can't touch it ~

it's the soul bird, they say
i listen and i look away
fire or water
earth or air
nobody asserts be what it may ~

hardly do i know myself
yet I wish to know the others
lalon says the other
other or the avatar?
which is his form and which is mine? ~

(bangla version by lalon)

Amar ei ghor khanay ke biraj kore
jonom vore dekhilam na re ~

norhe chorhe eeshan kone
dekhte pai ne dui noyone
hater kacchhe jar
vober haat bajar
haat barale hate pai ne tare ~

shobai bole poran pakhi
shune chupe chepe thaki
jol ki hutashon
mati ki pobon
keu bole na akta nirnoy kore ~

apon ghorer khobor hoy na
banchha kori porke chenar
lalon bole por
por na poromeshwar
shey ki rup ami ki rupey re ~

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