Friday, August 24, 2012

time stops on the river

by Neel Akash on Monday, February 20, 2012 at 11:20am ·
she and the river took me in
and held me there
melting in the cool warmth of her cleavage
between the mountain banks

the boat shied past the bathing ladies
primitive and real as an oar
the boatman sitting silent
and the boys wading in the middle of the river
now shallow and dark

these boats, there's something about them
they sweep in silence like time
take you places from here to there
and it's still the same banks
the same plants and hills and a few quiet people

the shift takes place beneath the mind
a subtle change only detectable afterwards
in remembrance of the wind that was missed
the sky forgotten in the depths of silence

yet another bend in the river
and you want to see past this next bend
the mystery awaiting you there
the silent sweetness of the water
carries you on into the glimpse
of a paradise lost

the soul of a boatman rows on
he rows slow and without concern it seems
the boat reaches near the bank
stops by the sandy mud
she gets off into the peanut plants

put your finger by the root, he instructs her
and there it is, her big smile
holding up sand covered peanuts in her hand
don't pull the plants, he says
people will say things

a few more bends and we slowly turn
big waves from a passenger cruiser
they look at us and we at them
many of them sitting close
here it is just the three of us

the return is always a bit quicker
with a subtle wish to stay longer but
the inevitable pull of the hubbub
the familiar nonsense brings us back
to the smallness of our ways

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