Friday, August 24, 2012

the request

by Neel Akash on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 11:06pm ·
for once, allow me to say
i am surrounded by idiots
allow me to say it without recrimination
i have this desire to sin
this desire to sing out
to scream out
i am surrounded by idiots

and get away with it without anyone
looking at me funny or shrugging
even though this is a no no
and whoever it is i am?
not a winner for sure but
would anything really justify
my not being able to say
i am surrounded by idiots?

and what if i am truly surrounded by idiots?
what then? who is to say that i am wrong?
i mean is there someone who is
absolutely positively certain otherwise?

but then, i do realize it's an unfair request
by no means i might have earned the right
or acquired the expected skills or mastery
or just know something to a decent degree
a little bit of originality or imagination

but still, why those prerequisites?
what about this strange feeling in my stomach?
someone must be out there who'd understand
this feeling
this little wish
it's just a few words after all
a little forgiveness in your hearts
for me saying at the top of my voice
i am surrounded by idiots

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