Saturday, August 25, 2012

stupidity hypothesis

please note: this piece of writing is a repost from my facebook status messages written a few weeks back. it has a bit of paranoid feel and due to the energy work being done on our planet, the situation stated below is most likely changing fast. yet it maybe of value for people to be aware of and ponder.

while humans are naturally supposed to be extremely intelligent, our consciousness and reality have been hijacked in such a manner that we are perfectly clueless as to who we are and what we are doing. we are dealing with--on a daily basis--an extremely "stupid" humanity in general that has been subjected to a vicious, extreme, and comprehensive mind control by entities unknown to us.

the three dimensional reality we see when we look out our windows or balconies, is not at all real, or perceptually extremely limited. the people that we live and interact with are mostly clones or dummified humans with a level of intelligence that is far below a natural average human intellect. every single person on the planet is dynamically being manipulated according to their level of consciousness and evolution in such a manner that they never cross a certain threshold. each person is under constant surveillance so that anyone crossing the threshold is immediately put under massive technological psychosexual attacks until the person is back at a safe subhuman level of intelligence.

we have been dumbed down to believe that writing facebook statuses, creatiing facebook groups, putting up blogsites, doing google searches, reading the wikipedia, etc. are sufficiently intelligent activity for a person other than the inanity he/she performs in order to pay the utility bills and also pay for the cheap (yet expensive) and unintelligent entertainments he/she might be brainwashed into pursuing.

the only reason the internet has been allowed to the public is because it keeps the general population busy with nonsense. most people use it for pornography, games, cute photos, funny photos, jokes, pictures of beautiful places and beautiful women, wise quotes, family photos, travel photos. borrowed artworks, short videos, as well as shallow, negative, and meaningless news articles. everything we do has "just plain stupid" written all over the place.

the cell phones and laptops that we use for communication and networking purposefully emit frequencies that make us more stupid and sick with time. not to mention these devices are equipped with spying technology that constantly transmit personal and private information to clandestine databases for future consumerism and control. every single person on the planet is being tracked at every moment as much as possible and the reign only gets tighter with the invention of new technology.

all in all, we have been dumbed down to an extent that we can never get along with one another with enough degree of love so not to feel extreme isolation and alienation. we do not trust one another, hardly relate to what we do, and nobody ever resonate sufficiently enough with someone other's idea. if a person would like to unite others to work together, nobody ever connects with the idea sufficiently enough to make it a success unless the idea itself is dumb enough to cause energy drainage or inane entertainment. bad ideas are actually picked up possibly by the artificial intelligence technology and propagated among the people with mass publicity and strong financial support.

understandably, what i share here is an idea that is not to be allowed to register in the public mind and measures will be taken immediately to nullify it. also, it is clearly expected that majority of the people will not read this message past the first one or two paragraphs due to their low intellect, and those who will read it to the end will most likely be offended by what is written here and will not be able to discern its validity or importance, hence reject the whole material.

on the other hand, those with their minds somewhat intact will consider my message to be of importance and value. i request these folks to think this through especially in context of the alien agenda. we have quite clear ideas regarding the manipulation and atrocity of our govts and banks, however, we are yet to fully understand how the alien agenda wraps around and directs these human minions in order to exploit us.

i feel the that alien/govt/banker manipulation is far worse in intensity and scope than most of us ever realize. this only explains why we are still fighting battles that should have already been won by the turn of the century, and yet, looking at our external reality we hardly see any real sign of freedom or progress.

please feel free to share your thoughts.

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