Thursday, August 23, 2012

shadow being

by Neel Akash on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 11:36pm ·

what i feel and what you see
who's watching
where to be?

the scribbles of our lives meet
sweep me off my feet
i peer, behind the glass door
magenta moth
she's been waiting for me
for me, for sure

momentary relief
she's there for now
we can't worry
we can't afford to doubt
where we're headed everybody knows
baby, we might as well enjoy the show

you're in love with the emotionally dead
what are those images spinning in your head
you've been hurt and lonely for so long
i just want to hold you tight and strong
i am the straw you're catching at
i can't let you drown, i tell you that

and when you kiss
when you kiss my mom
she melts like a child, she dies in your arm
little lies and deception, i guess that's life
mom's just happy, said: make her wife

how do i tell her she already is?
in our shabby little house, she's a sparkling bliss
and me the zombie, the iconoclast
how long will her illusions last?

the whole world is watching
our private affair
so let's roll the bottle
truth or dare?

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