Friday, August 24, 2012

religion bad

well, well, well, how is everybody? there was this eid thingy with muslims after a month of fasting, and the trancy haze and daze that people's mind suffer/enjoy during this period, with all the gift giving, reuniting with friends and family, carrying crispy fresh large bills (some of it counterfeit), and especially the wonderfully quiet and empty streets of the crowdiest city in the world, how ca
n we complain about this ceremonial islamic christmas in the eastern front? this is probably not a good time to educate people that islam, just like its counterparts such as christianity and whatnot, is a fake and false religion, to be discarded fully and completely because once we do that, humanity will reach a state that will be happier than eid or christmas every single day of our lives. would that be too much? perhaps.

it is true, we are all tired of the conspiracy theories and we need to get back to doing better and more fun things. though not a muslim any longer, i had a blast of a night making two demo songs with an old buddy, pulling an all nighter, smoking up the skies (attn: creepy friends and family members reading my "blog" and snitching around, you need to smoke up from time to time in order dilute some of the darkness within, it would make you a better person). i went to soundcloud hoping to share the demos here, but looks like the free version of it has been sabotaged not to work any longer. the upload is failing between 1% and 35.

so anyway, there's a horrible downside to drugs and our galactic friend from sirius, namely salusa, has once again reprimanded us for not having sufficient self control against addiction because after all, the drugs ultimately lower our general vibration which is not a good thing, especially at this critical time before our planetary ascension. it is imperative that we keep our vibration as high as possible. and yet, we are only human folks, i mean, we are only pretending to be human in this specific dimension/density. in actuality, we are not the weak helpless, victimized poor souls we believe ourselves to be, it is just one adventure that we have concentrated on maybe a bit too much.

everyone must clearly understand that even if you do not use drugs, your body is still poisoned by pharmaceutical medication such as paracetamol (tylenol) or ibuprofen among many others, courtesy of the evil cabal who owns the drug companies. you are constantly being poisoned by the water you drink, the genetically modified food you eat, the overpriced bottled or canned drinks you imbibe, the chemtrail reeking air that you breathe, your toothpaste, your light bulbs, tv, computer, cellphone, etc. etc. etc. like drake said in a recent interview with alfred webre, "you're zapped" a few times over everyday of your life so you never have any energy left to think past your money, religion, and at best a hobby or two.

if you ever get a breather in terms of your earning, immediately the cost of living goes up (needless to say artificially). such is the extent of control and manipulation imposed upon you. you are important to the cabal, make no mistake. so important, that they would like to reduce your (our) numbers from 7b to 500m. this is their ideal number of slaves for the best level of control and return on investment (roi), coutesy: project blue beam (a cia disinfo campaign).

again, i repeat much of these things annoyingly too often so they eventually make a subconscious impression on those reading because at the conscious level, many are not registering what they read. how do i know this? easy, by looking at the lack of change in the external reality. when enough of us awaken to a visible degree, which will be soon, though--we can already sense it--the real fun will begin. so even though i hardly get a like or two with my writings here, still i write on faith, and besides, you can see how much fun i am having with this. this is what freedom is all about. i put my love into my writing the way i like it. i am the master of this little domain possibly because i have no expectation. it's just one of my gifts. thank you.

that was possibly a bit too much me factor in the above paragraph, but then again, it is alright once in a while. everything begins with the self after all but sometimes we misunderstand this concept and think that we are supposed to put others before ourselves. that is not a wrong concept, in fact, service-to-others is the THE way being promoted by our light friends, but still, i feel that it is the second stage of our development. in the eastern culture, the humility and politeness is often excessive and we tend to make disparaging remarks about ourselves thinking it is appropriate while it is not.

i have been rightly accused of writing tirades and diatribes in offensive and abusive language. i have been ostracized, marooned, and vindicated for my lack of patience and emotional maturity. but still, if you persist, you grow. that's just how it is. so i will tell you once more before i end this particular babble, tell you because it is important and i want you folks to think this deeply that your religion is a faker. it is given to you by those who you love, those you trust, but that is why it goes into your blind spot. you never question its validity strongly enough. you take it for granted. you think it cannot hurt. but it does hurt. it is hurting you more than most of you realize. it is stopping you from reaching your next level. in many ways your religion is stunting your spiritual progress.

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