Friday, August 24, 2012

our body is just a clock (by alauddin) - a translated song on body science.

by Neel Akash on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 3:29am ·

behold this mud casing
a machine put inside
this clock is so beautiful
with colors painted wild, dear
colors painted wild

twisted into parts of three
in the boiler some debris
screws three hundred and sixty
sixteen guards watch the block

our body is just a clock
all our lives we search and stalk
what mechanic made it

wind it up
set it free
lifelong it will be ~

machinery unlimited
thirty two teeth on the gear
206 parts fit on it
72,000 wires are there

fourteen floors on the stack
ten channels flowing back
all but one open a crack
also there's a secret lock
oh my body is just a clock ~

who has the power
to make such a clock
get inside its drawer
shut down the dock?

seventy thousand layers claim
moving inside the frame
one can only see the game
when the knowledge eyes pop
oh my body is just a clock ~

hair spring gear casing
heartache labors above
night and day this magic clay
it plays the game of love, my dear
plays the game of love

twelve jewels, hands three
minute hand -- the heart be
hour hand a wisdom tree
the mind goes tick tock
oh my body is just a clock ~

day and night the times keep
doesn't ever stop to sleep
twenty one thousand nine hundred days
runs the clock, never cease to beep
runs the clock, never cease to beep

on the day the clock will stop
oh so quietly it will flop
can't take it to the maker's shop
old mechanic has run amok
oh my body is just a clock ~

all you people beware now
don't you ever be like me
baul aladdin all his life
the mechanic he couldn't see
the mechanic he couldn't see

only if he was in range
these jewels i'd surely change
all my hope and all my age
been nothing but a vain plot
oh my body is just a clock ~

 (original bangla version below)

Matir akkhan case banaiya
machine dichhe tar vitor
rong beronger barnish kora
dekhte ghori ki shundor
dekthte ghori ki shundor

tin bake hoy goron shara
boilare machiner gura
tinsho shait khan scurup mara
sholo jon prohori achhe

mon amar deho ghori
shondhan kori
kon mistiri banaiachhe

ekta chabi mere
dilo chhere
sara jonom cholitechhe ~

kase rakhe go tirer chakey
kol kobja hoy beshumar
dui sho chhoy khan parts lagailo
bahattur hajaro taar (2)

deho ghori chouddo tala
tar vitore doshti nala
ekti bondho noyti khola
gopone ak tala achhe
mon amar deho ghori ~

amon shokti kar o achhe
e ghori toiyar kore
jar ghori she toiri kore
lukay ghorir vitore

porda shottur hajare
tar vitore nore chore
gyan akkhi futile pore
dekhte pabi chokher kachhe
mon amar deho ghori ~

hair spiring fepsha casing
labor hoy kolijay
chhole bole ajob kole
diba nishi prem khelay go
diba nishi prem khelay

tin kata baro jewele
minute kata hoy go dile
ghontar kata hoy akkele
montare secende dichhe
mon amar deho ghori ~

diba nishi chole ghori
ghumaile baron hoy na
ekush hajar chhoysho bare
chole ghori nai khema vai
chole ghori nai khema

jedin ghori bondho hobe
nishobde poriya robe
repairing na hoibe
maker kothay lukay achhe
mon amar deho ghori ~

manush tomra hao re shabdhan
amar moto hoiyo na
alauddin er pran thakite
maker china holo na hay
maker china holo na

jodi tahar dekha petam
ghorir jewel paltaitam
ashay ashay din furailo
jonom ta more galo michhe
mon amar deho ghori ~


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    1. sorry i took so long to respond. please feel free to share anything from this blog.

  2. A most excellent translation of a very complicated subject and song. Hats off to Neel Akash