Friday, August 31, 2012

note on hathors

i had posted an article recently on hathors titled "sphere of all possibilities". when posting it, i kept on running into strange problems and it won't post. even after posting, that particular page refused to load for a while even though the other pages were loading fine. 

this morning, as soon as i started a communication with my higher self, i was told to take down the post. the reason being, hathors have recommended to focus on a lower chakra, namely the solar plexus chakra, manipura, which is not recommended at this time.

true advice right now is to focus on the heart and the higher chakras.

the manipura chakra is the center of will and strengthening the will is not a bad suggestion in general. however, i personally think that only focusing on this particular chakra will get us more stuck in duality.

however, i must admit i am no expert in this. so if anybody thinks i am wrong about it, please be kind enough to leave a comment. 

thank you.

p.s.: interestingly enough, there were no hits on that particular page either.

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