Thursday, August 30, 2012

mental alchemy

on my way back to my mother's place i took a rickshaw and the puller was a skinny young man who asked for a fair less than i expected. i noticed that he was a bit wobbly on the seat because his feet hardly reached the pedals. my thoughts bounced between the moon which was nearly full--an oddity one week after the eid when it was a new moon--and the poor hard working people in the country.

this guy i saw after a long time was talking about an opportunity in malaysia that they would like to hire 300k bangladeshi workers in a 10 year contract. for this, the manpower minister of bangladesh has asked for tk.60k for each visa from the contractors. the number 60k x 300k being too large a number, he was offered a lump sum of tk.200 crore (1 crore = 10 million, which makes the number 2 billion taka.) by the contractors which was later increased to 5b. it turns out, while this offer was standing, the indian counter intelligence r.a.w. made an offer to the minister of tk.10b to cancel the whole project so malaysia would then have to hire the workers from india at a higher rate. 

it is to be understood that this amount is too large for a person to swallow by himself. the lion's share would go to the prime minister and the rest being divided among the cronies of the awami league. 

now there's this ghost protocol about the awami league that it is the party of the cultured and the educated folks in the country while the other primary one, b.n.p., is run by the uncouth. consequently, far more damage is done to the country through this sophisticated cabal of charlatans especially due to their great entender with r.a.w.

interestingly, the "dispopularity" of the awami league has peaked the level where there is no longer any possibility of a second term, and hence, there is a mad rush to start the big padma-bridge project. ironically, the corrupt world bank had recently turned down a loan on this project on grounds of corruption within the government of bangladesh which is currently run by the awami league. the prime minister on tv did not seem the least bit embarrassed by this, instead, she yelled corruption in the world bank!

what i have reported so far is the daily staple of the local people. the govt screws the people and the people moan and groan on a daily basis. no more, no less. yet nobody has been able to find a way out of this circular hell. yet there is a way. and we are going to make it available to ourselves. let's see.

people who know me knows that i have been taking a lot of heat/hate lately from friends, family, and strangers alike for revealing the truth about extra-terrestrial enslavement, about the extreme corruption within the us govt and their banking system, the dark control of the british queen via the vatican global child-porn trafficking mafia, the revolution and awakening in the usa and elsewhere to remove the satan worshiping elite cabal that controls the various govts, and the comprehensive mind control of the global population via the mainstream media, education systems, suppression of technology, and various religious dogma.

however, quite intelligent friends of mine had confided to me that they don't see the connection between what is happening in other countries and the problems within bangladesh. hmm.

this one particular friend who i am quite fond of tells me straight up: i accept and agree with everything you say except the existence of the aliens. i laugh, telling him that is the main plug right behind your neck. that's the one that must come off before you are truly free from the matrix!

before i address the title of this piece, mental alchemy, i am obliged to mention one more good friend of mine who has been working in the western media (bbc and voa) for over a decade. a couple of years back, when i started to share the hidden knowledge of our reality that nothing in actuality is as it seems and that we have been lied to all our lives, instead of being grateful to me for this great revelation, he blocked me from his facebook on accusation that i had been offending his powerful and hot awami connections! he continues on with his old school, cabal approved "no nonsense" curriculum to this day. sigh.

so anyway, enough of friend bashing on my part! let's get to doing something productive. the word alchemy basically means a process of transforming something very simple into something very precious or valuable, such as turning iron into gold, or water into wine. the same can be done with our minds.

the little rickshaw puller guy i mentioned in the beginning, he rode the rickshaw so skillfully contrary to my expectation that when i got off after about an hour, he was sweating profusely, i gave him 10 taka more. now this guy would probably remain a rickshaw driver for many years because it is a dead end career. it would be impossible for him to get a computer, an online connection, and write a blog about his hard life. i doubt he has got any education at all.

but i on the other hand can. and so i request you, the reader, to find out more about mental alchemy because i want you to avail of this skill. our minds are the most sophisticated tools or gifts that we have. we have been programmed to think that we are very limited as an individual with what we can do with our minds. this is the biggest lie we ever believed. our minds have magnificent powers well beyond our imagination only waiting to be tapped! understanding this fact is the true awakening.

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